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Hamilton’s Battalion – Rose Lerner, Courtney Milan, Alyssa Cole

New York City, 1820 “Look at this letter I got.” Rachel slid the unfolded sheet across the breakfast table. Nathan skimmed it as he drank his coffee: …Writing to those who knew my husband in his military career…his command at Yorktown…a memorandum of all your recollections of him…most particularly anecdotes, even of the most trifling […]

An Unconditional Freedom – Alyssa Cole

January 1862 Outside of Richmond, VA “I want to help my people get free.” That was how it all started. No, that wasn’t true. It had started with Ellen moving into the house next door. Daniel had been seven years old, the freeborn child of a seamstress and a blacksmith who did well for themselves. […]

An Extraordinary Union – Alyssa Cole

April 1861 Baltimore, Maryland “It will be an easy assignment, a simple passing on of information. One that even a girl such as yourself should be able to handle.” Elle suppressed a bitter laugh as she recalled her Loyal League master LaValle’s briefing from a few days before. Easy? Either her superior had dreadfully underestimated […]

A Prince on Paper – Alyssa Cole

Welcome to the world of One True Prince, where the prince of your dreams might be just around the corner. Are you ready to find true love with a handsome royal? If so, enter your name here, and then the keys to the kingdom are yours! Remember to choose wisely—the royal life isn’t all fun […]

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