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The Beast of Beswick – Amalie Howard

Her pulse drumming at a fierce clip, Lady Astrid Everleigh burst through the front doors of her uncle’s country estate in Southend. The flashy coach in the drive was as unmistakable as its owner— the arrogant and deeply persistent Earl of Beaumont. A sickening feeling leached into her as she scanned the foyer. No one […]

Sweet Home Highlander – Amalie Howard, Angie Morgan

The boulder-sized fist that connected with Niall Maclaren’s temple almost took him to the ground. It was a miracle he managed to remain standing at all and not go sprawling flat on his arse. If he had, he might as well pack up and head for England. “Had enough yet?” his best mate and closest […]

My Scot, My Surrender – Amalie Howard

It had to be a miracle. Brandt Montgomery Pierce, connoisseur of horseflesh and stable master to one of the most venerated stables in England, stared in stunned silence at the glossy gray Scottish thoroughbred tethered in the auction paddock. This was the very horse he had traveled to Scotland for. Lochland Toss was by far […]

My Hellion, My Heart – Amalie Howard, Angie Morgan

Princess Irina Volkonsky ignored the scandalized glances and hushed whispers of French society’s crème de la crème as she downed the last of Lord Deroche’s whiskey. Savoring the bite of the liquor on her lips, she returned his glass and nodded to the ballroom floor where partners were lining up for the next dance. “Shall […]

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