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Seasons of Sorcery – Amanda Bouchet, et al

“I LOOK RİDİCULOUS.” I stared at my reflection in the mirror above the long counter that ran along the wall. Even though I had been peering at myself for the better part of a minute, I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Normally, my wardrobe could best be described as functional. Black boots, dark […]

Heart on Fire – Amanda Bouchet

“Do you see what I see?” What normal person doesn’t look up at that? Not that I’m entirely normal, but at least Griffin’s question snaps me from unpleasant thoughts of giant metallic birds, Cyclopes, fire, and blood. “I see…Piers?” And there’s another person riding alongside Griffin’s brother on a large gray horse. Nondescript traveling clothes […]

Breath of Fire – Amanda Bouchet

WAKING UP FROM A DEEP, HEALING SLEEP REMINDS ME OF rushing toward the surface of a lake, brightness beckoning from above and bubbles fizzing all around me. Consciousness threads through me in a delicate weave. It’s afternoon. The air smells of bright sun, hot stone, and endless days of summer drought. Insects chirp, their droning […]

A Promise of Fire – Amanda Bouchet

I pluck at my crimson tunic, tenting the lightweight linen away from my sticky skin. The southern Sintan climate isn’t my worst nightmare, but it sometimes ranks pretty high, right along with the stifling layers of cosmetics masking my face, my leather pants, and my knee-high boots. Heat and leather and heels don’t mix, but […]

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