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Taunting Destiny – Amelia Hutchins

I turned away from the window, and ran like my life depended upon it. Because, right then, I thought it did. Instinctively, I knew I wasn’t supposed to see what I had. Ryder had been torturing Guild Warlocks along with some other men that I think were Fae, but I wasn’t sure what they were— […]

Seducing Destiny – Amelia Hutchins

The Horde was assembling for war. The process seemed unreal, as thousands of our allies had gathered around to protect us and gain favor with the newly crowned Horde King. Some came to see the birth of the miracle babies—as they now referred to the wee beasties inside of me—who grew stronger with every rising […]

Fighting Destiny – Amelia Hutchins

“Comm. Check. Adam, come in?” I said over the traffic noise I was hearing through the small device hidden in my ear. “Roger that,” Adam said from his safe distance behind the old shipping warehouse a few blocks away. I pulled the leather coat up tighter around my neck as a woman and child passed […]

Escaping Destiny – Amelia Hutchins

Destiny has a way of finding you, even if you’ve been hidden from it. My destiny was chosen for me and written before I was born. Right after I was born, my parents signed me away. They signed a contract with a monster whom in return, stopped harassing our people and freed my brother. Terrified […]

Bulletproof Damsel – Amelia Hutchins

The headlights of an oncoming truck blinded me on the two-lane highway. Traveling at a steady pace, I was making great time over the passes, and through the backroads of Washington State, heading to the last place on earth I wanted to go: Home. I hadn’t been home in over five years, and while I’d […]

Flames of Chaos – Amelia Hutchins

Exhaling a long, shaky breath, I stared at the lights of the city below the cliff I stood upon. Haven Falls, a city of immortal beings that weren’t even from the Human Realm. A place that haunted my dreams and lived in every nightmare I’d ever had. It was nestled between winding valleys, hidden within […]

Embracing Destiny – Amelia Hutchins

An eerie, deafening silence had fallen over Faery since Ryder and I returned home. It was like the entire world was holding its breath as war made its way toward our doors. The fairy glens were vacant of the life that once flourished within them. Meadows that had once fought off intruders or stray humans […]

Ashes of Chaos – Amelia Hutchins

My pulse thundered loudly as sweat beaded on my brow and neck, dripping from me while I pumped my legs faster, harder. The need to escape from the monster hunting me took precedence over everything else happening around me. My body had transformed into toned, sleek muscles because of the endless running from beasts, men, […]

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