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The Other Side of the Sky – Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

The floating market takes shape amid a flutter of torches and spellfire, each pinprick of light tailed by its glittering reflection in the river beneath. The sun is still below the horizon, though hints of peach and copper streak the underside of the cloudlands, hanging far above the clutter of our market. Monstrous shadows slip […]

Scorch Dragons – Amie Kaufman

THE BATTLE BETWEEN THE DRAGONS AND THE wolves was over. Now, less than an hour later, Anders sat between his best friend, Lisabet, and his sister, Rayna, both of whom were on makeshift beds amid the bustle of the infirmary. All the scorch dragons were in human form—the crowded cave was deep inside the mountain, […]

Battle Born – Amie Kaufman

COMING TO CLOUDHAVEN HAD BEEN A GOOD IDEA. Anders and his friends were sitting together just inside the entrance hall of the dragons’ ancient stronghold, wolves and dragons all in human form. Somehow, impossibly, they were safe—at least for now. None of them had spoken much since the Battle of Holbard. They’d just trekked out […]

Aurora Burning – Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff

The disruptor blast hits the Betraskan right in her chest. She shrieks, and her armload of e-tech goes flying as she collapses in a drooling heap. I vault over her as she falls, ducking as another disruptor shot hisses past my ear. The bazaar around us is crowded, the mob parting before me in a […]

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