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Under Different Stars – Amy A. Bartol

lipping a coin into the air, I watch as it arches toward the cascading water of the fountain. “Home,” I whisper to myself as it breaks the surface, causing ripples to race toward the lapis tiles. “That’s a waste of money,” Enrique says after pulling the earbud from my ear. “Why do you continue to […]

Traitor Born – Amy A. Bartol

I’m a Fate traitor. I’ve betrayed everything I once believed in. The starry sky outside the window of our airship blurs with streaks of midnight. Maybe I’d be sorry for what I’ve done tonight if my brother hadn’t tried to murder me. I don’t know. My thoughts are chaotic. Savage fear constricts my throat and […]

Rebel Born – Amy A. Bartol

I’m not gonna watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Secondborn Trials. Everyone needs to shut up ’bout it, too, especially the Diamond-Fated announcers with their fancy clothes and celebrity gossip. I glance at the three-dimensional visual screens dappling the walls as I make my way from the shower closet to my locker. They installed these […]

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