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One Last Promise – Amy Corwin Martha

Studying her two sisters sitting across from her in their drawing room, Martha Stainton frowned and picked at the scallop of bedraggled lace decorating her black gown. They looked more like a trio of crows gossiping than fashionable young ladies as they waited for the news that their father’s burial service was over. Not that […]

Love Lost – Amy Corwin Martha

HER FACE FELT NUMB, her pleased smile freezing in place as Grace read Martha’s letter again. Was it too late already? Her sister had written it well over a week ago—why hadn’t Grace seen it sooner? She could feel her oldest sister Dorothy’s sympathetic gaze fixed on her, and Grace turned away, unable to bear […]

A Debt Paid – Amy Corwin Martha

“WHEN DO you believe Martha will realize that we have every stitch of clothing she owns?” Grace’s giggles made the question almost indecipherable as the two Stainton sisters bounced along in the back of Farmer Cavell’s wagon. She braced her feet against the lumpy portmanteau containing most of Martha’s belongings. But Dorothy was too distracted […]

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