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The Laird Of Blackloch – Amy Rose Bennett

After stumbling through a hellish wilderness for months, Alexander Ewan MacIvor, Jacobite on the run and the last claimant to the attainted title, Baron Rannoch, felt his heart twitch with something akin to interest. Lying low in the cool green shadows of a Caledonian pine forest, a lichen-covered tree trunk and clump of bracken his […]

My Lady of Misrule – Amy Rose Bennett

Sir Tristan King groaned as he rolled over in his tester bed to avoid the sliver of weak sunlight penetrating a chink in the dark blue velvet curtains of his room. It was winter, God damn it! Why wasn’t it overcast or raining, perhaps even snowing? And what the devil had he been thinking yesterday? […]

How to Catch an Errant Earl – Amy Rose Bennett

Thank goodness it is raining. At least that’s what Miss Arabella Jardine told herself as she stepped over the puddles beneath the portico of Gunter’s and caught the attention of a jarvey on the other side of Berkeley Square. As the hackney coach splashed its way toward the tea shop, she could pretend she was […]

How to Catch a Wicked Viscount – Amy Rose Bennett

Heavens. Take care, Charlie.” Sophie Brightwell winced as her friend entered her bedroom and carelessly pushed the door shut with her slippered foot. The resultant bang was decidedly too loud in the relative silence of the dormitory wing of the Hans Place town house. “You’ll wake Mrs. Rathbone for sure. If she finds out what […]

Dashing Through the Snow – Amy Rose Bennett

Penrose House, Berkeley Square, London 26th August, 1812 “I cannot believe I’m actually going to do this. I must be mad,” Katherine Woodville muttered as she let her friend Tessa Penrose adjust the fall of the ‘seafoam green’ satin skirt of her borrowed evening gown. “Bluestockings like me do not attend Grand Masquerades at Vauxhall […]

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