Tag: Amy Sumida

Green With Envy – Amy Sumida

I stared at the selection of silverware laid before me and wondered how it had come to this. It had been three months since I’d married Prince Malik Starsiene in a Bleiten mating ritual. You might know the Bleiten better as Demons, but they’re not the fallen Angels of myths. They’re just a race of […]

A Silver Tongue – Amy Sumida

The house looked vaguely medieval, with gray brick walls and a steepled entrance. Cyprian, Malik, Kyrian, and I stepped into the grand foyer, or the “gallery foyer” as the real estate agent called it. Our stares angled up to the ceiling 25 feet above us and the balcony just below it that curved around the […]

A Golden Opportunity – Amy Sumida

I put the Bleiten ICD—an intergalactic communication device—back into my nightstand drawer and took a deep, calming breath. My husbands, consort, and I were finally settled in our new home, and I had an enormous bedroom all to myself. Of course, one of them shared my bed every night, but at the moment, I was […]

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