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London’s Wicked Affair – Anabelle Bryant

London, England, 1817 Matthew Strathmore, Earl of Whittingham, examined the array of puzzle pieces strewn across the mahogany table positioned near the paned glass windows of his study. A map of the world awaited his skill and attention. With a satisfied grunt, he completed another portion of the puzzle and reached for what could be […]

London’s Late Night Scandal – Anabelle Bryant

Lord Matthew Strathmore, Earl of Whittingham, slapped the leather reins and urged the four dappled grays into a faster gallop. “You’re concerned about the weather.” “Astute observation, Coggs.” Whittingham heaved a breath of impatience. “Not only are you an excellent man-of-all-things, but a master of insight and circumstance.” He flicked his eyes from the unending […]

London’s Best Kept Secret – Anabelle Bryant

It was a devil’s bargain to wager against a friend’s future, especially when the outcome would ruin the man’s life. Tonight, every dandy and windbag crowded White’s, the infamous club with its avid gambling, adverse politics and plentiful liquor, a bachelor’s paradise and a married man’s asylum. One particular gentleman, clad in the finest squared-cut […]

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