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Secrets of the Lore Keepers – Angela J. Ford

THE CRACK of thunder shattered the peaceful melody of birdsong. I dropped the basket of green herbs on the wooden table and dashed to the open window. Flinging back the white curtains, I stuck my head out and sniffed, inhaling a faint whiff of water and the vague, bitter spice of electricity. A jagged streak […]

Queen of the Wildwood – Angela J. Ford

Magic twitched in my fingers as I scattered the last of the sage and salt over my sister’s grave. I was alone, kneeling in the thin mist that always hovered over the village cemetery at this time of day. A prickling sensation crept down my spine, the tell-tale sign someone was watching me. I whipped […]

Lord of the Castle – Angela J. Ford

THE SOUND of a whip crackled through the air. Oxen bellowed in distress. “Is that necessary?” I shouted at the man whipping the oxen. “They are stuck, perhaps gentler methods would help free them!” I yanked my boot out of the mud, and it came loose with a soft sucking sound. I scowled. Marshy country […]

Heart of the Raven – Angela J. Ford

A SCREAM of terror died in my throat as the nightmare gave way to reality. I bolted upright, one hand pressed to my mouth while blood rushed to my ears. Beads of sweat gathered around my neck and dripped down my back. Ripping the covers off, I stumbled out of the heavy blankets and paced, […]

Curse of the Healer – Angela J. Ford

Sunbeams danced across my wood table as I cleared away my breakfast dishes. A mug of warm tea and a bowl of gruel. It was midwinter and my food supply was growing low, but fear and embarrassment gripped me when I considered going to town to trade for more. A flash of red drew my […]

Bride of the King – Angela J. Ford

“WHAT DİD you bring to trade dearie?” The old crone whispered as I slipped under the shade of her tent. The summer sun was much hotter than I’d first thought, and my neck was damp with sweat under my chestnut hair. Every muscle in my body was sore and ached. A bruise bloomed on my […]

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