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A Scot to Remember – Angeline Fortin

“You owe me two hours and twelve minutes of my life.” Brontë Hughes plunked her purse down on the low coffee table, the weight of which sent the rickety ancient table as well as the coffee mug on top of it shuddering. Well, good, she thought as she dropped into an empty armchair with a […]

A Question for the Ages – Angeline Fortin

Victoria Square London, England December 1892 One would think it was a time of merriment in Victoria Square. Her mother’s laughter rang throughout the townhouse with none of the pomposity it normally projected in social occasions. Tonight, it tinkled like the crystal flutes being tapped together in repeated toasts and was as effervescent as the […]

A Laird to Hold – Angeline Fortin

Inverness, Scotland October 2013 “And in other news, shocking photos have emerged of actress Scarlett Thomas being escorted out of Dunskirk Castle earlier today by three unidentified men and a woman. Speculation has run amok since Thomas’s mysterious disappearance during her last public appearance at the dedication of the Dunskirk Castle historical site in August. […]

A Good Scot is Hard to Find – Angeline Fortin

“I’m no’ certain I should let ye go in there, Vi.” Aila Marshall pulled her car to a stop in front of a tidy cottage of white-washed stucco and shot her companion a skeptical grimace. “I promised Brontë I’d keep ye out of trouble.” “What kind of trouble can I get into at a wake?” […]

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