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Saving the Broken Highlander – Ann Marie Scott

Caitlyn sighed with relief as she watched yet another young man mount his horse and leave the castle. He was the third that week and she hoped he would be the last, at least for a while. The Laird of Avenmount was a handsome young man who bred some of the best draught horses in […]

Protected By the Vengeful Highlander – Ann Marie Scott

“I wonder where Lennox is?” Niall Colquhoun complained as he poured out the last of the best wine they had. They had just dispatched the last of the hare soup, the venison, and the apple pie, and now it was time to progress to the whisky. The occasion was the departure of their sister Nessa […]

Highlander’s Last Chance – Ann Marie Scott

As he fled the castle chapel with the heavy gold candlestick, the priest’s bellows still ringing in his ears, fear lent Lachie MacAdam strength and agility. He leapt up and landed heavily in the saddle of the horse. He urged the animal into a gallop, and they flew out of the castle grounds as though […]

Highlander’s Game of Shadows – Ann Marie Scott

Kneel before your laird, serf! I demand you kiss my feet!” Twelve-year-old Aleck Campbell wrinkled his nose as he looked at his brother’s dirty feet. “Ye out yer mind Lachlan. I dinnae want nothing to do with yer dirty feet.” His brother glared at him, the wooden sword pointed at Aleck’s chest. “You will one […]

Highlander’s English Rose – Ann Marie Scott

Eleanor looked at her first-ever pony with eyes that were screwed up in puzzlement. “That is not a pony, Mother,” she stated firmly. “That is half a pony—or a very big dog.” She walked up to the little gray horse and ran her hand down its wooly mane. “Are you sure she’s big enough? Is […]

Highlander’s Captive Bride – Ann Marie Scott

As Callum MacInnes watched the life ebb slowly and painfully out of his beloved mother Agnes, he wished that the end would come soon, so that her anguish would be over. It was agonizing for him to watch her struggling for each breath, and he found himself hoping that each one would be the last, […]

Highlander Surrounded By Darkness – Ann Marie Scott

She peeped through the slight crack on the wall as soon as she heard the heavy footsteps march into the great hall, which held feasts and meetings most of the time. The flurry of men dispersed into different segments as soon as they marched through the door. She watched as the wounded were carried in […]

Highlander Lost In The Shadows – Ann Marie Scott

Fiam McCullam paced in front of the fireplace, his hands running through his red hair that he liked keeping short. The storm raged outside the keep, the thunder rattling the stones, the rain lashing against the windows with such ferocity that Liam knew the fields would be flooded come morning. The fields were the least […]

Defended By the Warrior Highlander – Ann Marie Scott

Camilla Belmont was English to the core, a devout Protestant and a faithful subject of King William of Orange, the new Protestant king from Holland, so when there was a major uprising north of the border in the heathen country of Scotland, where men dressed like women and worshipped idols in the church of Rome, […]

Chained By the Fierce Highlander – Ann Marie Scott

Castle Auchterlinn, The Scottish Highlands in the late 1400s… lenn Balfour was awoken very early that morning by the mighty, discordant clamor of the castle’s church bells all being rung together. He threw on his clothes and as he was going downstairs, he met one of his men running up them to warn him. “What […]

Becoming a Highlander – Ann Marie Scott

Malcolm Mackintosh was not having an easy death. The wasting disease that had eaten him away for the last two years had left him with a face like a skull, with sunken cheeks and blue lips. His dark eyes were buried so deeply in their sockets that they were barely visible, and could only be […]

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