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Tempt the Devil – Anna Campbell

Across the packed, noisy salon, Julian Southwood, Earl of Erith, studied the notorious strumpet who would become his next mistress. He was in the middle of Mayfair on a fine spring afternoon. Yet the reek of sex for sale was as pungent as in the slave markets of Marrakesh or Constantinople. The crowd was mostly […]

The Highlander’s Christmas Quest – Anna Campbell

Dougal Drummond of Bruard had long understood that he was born to a grand destiny. From the moment he was old enough to know the world and his place in it, he recognized that he was set on this earth to do great deeds and earn great renown for his proud clan. A hundred, even […]

The Highlander’s English Bride – Anna Campbell

Emily Baylor was the most annoying girl in the entire world. No, make that the entire solar system. And Hamish knew what he was talking about. He was an astronomer. And promising to become a deuced famous one, at that. Or at least that was the plan. But so far, the self-satisfaction he’d imagined – […]

The Highlander’s Forbidden Mistress – Anna Campbell

“You will arrive at Mowbray Place on Christmas Eve, and not too late either. Mamma likes her dinner at five o’clock on the dot.” Selina Martin struggled not to wince at her fiancé’s hectoring tone. Was it her imagination that the walls of Derwent Hall’s library with their Etruscan decorations closed in on her? Whether […]

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