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If the Duke Demands – Anna Harrington

Sebastian Carlisle strode up the front steps of Park Place just as the first pinks of dawn began to lighten the sky. Damnation, he’d been out later than he’d intended. Far later. But his parents disapproved of the women whose company he favored, so he’d had no choice but to spend time covering his tracks. […]

How the Earl Entices – Anna Harrington

Grace Alden lay in her bed, staring at the dark ceiling and listening to the storm raging around her. The wind and rain roared so loudly that she couldn’t hear her own heartbeat. But she knew it was racing because it jumped into her throat each time she heard something bang against the cottage. The […]

As the Devil Dares – Anna Harrington

I suppose you prefer White’s,” Henry Winslow drawled. Robert Carlisle’s gaze drifted from the smoke curling from the tip of his cigar to the man sitting in the leather chair across from him in the smoking room at Brooks’s. Before them, a crackling fire warmed away the chill of the winter afternoon outside the large […]

An Inconvenient Duke – Anna Harrington

May 1816 Charlton Place, London Marcus Braddock stepped out onto the upper terrace of his town house and scanned the party spreading through the torch-lit gardens below. He grimaced. His home had been invaded. All of London seemed to be crowded into Charlton Place tonight, with the reception rooms filled to overflowing. The crush of […]

After the Spy Seduces – Anna Harrington

May 1824 Surrey, England ome here, m’ lovely!” Christopher Carlisle grabbed the barmaid around the waist as she sashayed past and yanked her down onto his lap. He whispered a dirty joke into her ear about drivers and the length of their whips that made her laugh loudly enough to attract the attention of the […]

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