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Dark and Deepest Red – Anna-Marie McLemore

My mother told me once that being an Oliva meant measuring our lives in lengths of red thread. And probably, that was true. But growing up in Briar Meadow meant I measured mine by the glimmer that appeared over the reservoir every year. That was what they called the strangeness that settled onto our town […]

Blanca & Roja – Anna-Marie McLemore

had once called her sisters. “Please,” she told them. “All I want is one daughter.” “We will give you better than one. You will have two,” they said, with a magnanimous bow of their necks. “There will always be two daughters. But we will always take one back.” “Which will you take?” the woman asked. […]

Wild Beauty – Anna-Marie McLemore

Later, they would blame what happened on the little wooden horses. Estrella had found them when she was five, the set of them dust-frosted and forgotten on a high shelf. They had been small enough to fit in her hands, carved wooden wings sprouting from their painted backs. No one could tell her where the […]

When the Moon Was Ours – Anna-Marie McLemore

As far as he knew, she had come from the water. But even about that, he couldn’t be sure. It didn’t matter how many nights they’d met on the untilled land between their houses; the last farm didn’t rotate its crops, and stripped the soil until nothing but wild grasses would grow. It didn’t matter […]

The Weight of Feathers – Anna-Marie McLemore

The feathers were Lace’s first warning. They showed up between suitcases, in the trunk of her father’s station wagon, on the handles of came-with-the-car first-aid kits so old the gauze had yellowed. They snagged on antennas, turning the local stations to static. Lace’s mother found a feather in with the family’s costumes the day they […]

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