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The Perfect Spinster – Annabelle Anders

STEPPİNG ALONG THE DİRT PATH, Olivia Redfield hoped she wouldn’t stumble upon any couples who’d snuck away from the ball with wicked intentions. Not that she begrudged them such pleasures, but she needed to be alone. She required utmost privacy. This normally wasn’t an issue for her. She’d never lacked time to herself, away from […]

The Perfect Christmas – Annabelle Anders

“Eliza, Mother asked me to remind you to wear your cap. She’s displeased that you’ve left it off.” Matthew’s voice carried that disapproving tone Eliza was beginning to resent. They were to be married in three weeks’ time and she hoped this feeling was only temporary. Her actual duties at the Dog and Pudding Pot […]

Second Chance Love – Annabelle Anders

Mrs. Amelia Sartin posed at the glittering center of Lady Darlington’s soiree—part participant, part spectator, enthralled by the pageantry and, at the same time, restless within. Her turban’s peacock feather fluttered as she nodded along to her friend Lady Constance’s Bond Street Rodent Shopping Tale—a story Amelia had heard before. Unthinkable to interrupt, however. Beastly […]

Not Another Nob – Annabelle Anders

God save Margaret Claire Dorrill from the diligent care of her older brother—by all of eleven years. Not that he treated her cruelly, or ever neglected her. Rather the opposite, in fact; loving, protective…organizing. Controlling. Overbearing. “I’ll land you a proper husband if it’s the last damn thing I do.” Ethan Dorrill executed his guardianship […]

Miss Fortune’s First Kiss – Annabelle Anders

YOUR FİRST KİSS holds the answer to all that you desire. Tilde snorted with laughter as she walked out of the fortune teller’s tent and into the sunshine on such a fine spring afternoon. “Foolishness, Peaches, I tell you. Utter foolishness.” She chuckled again at her own words, aware that she was more likely to […]

Lady Saves the Duke – Annabelle Anders

Miss Abigail Wright had not planned to attend a house party this summer. She’d not planned on attending any parties ever again. She was fine, thank you, dwelling at her father’s modest home, Raebourne, for as long as she was able. But plans—her plans anyway—often materialized entirely differently from her intended scenario. Which might explain […]

Lady Be Good – Annabelle Anders

Lord Darlington?” Rose blinked in surprise as she opened the door, wondering if her eyes deceived her. The gentleman standing in the darkened corridor outside her bedchamber was the last person in the world she’d expected. Not that she expected anyone to come knocking at her door in the middle of the night. Only, in […]

Lady At Last – Annabelle Anders

A MİRACLE. It had taken a miracle to change Penelope Cross’s mind about spinsterhood, but her mind had changed, nonetheless. Penelope wrinkled her nose. Had it been a miracle? It was simply a baby. A birth. The creation of life. Perhaps it was a miracle, after all. Penelope placed her gloved hands atop the sturdy […]

Lady and the Rake – Annabelle Anders

Land’s End, England, October 1828 “Try this. The scent drives Hugh positively mad.” Penelope Chesterton, the Viscountess of Danbury, dabbed perfume on Margaret’s wrists. “Why, just last night, he and I—” “I’ve no wish to hear the details of my brother’s and your…” Margaret Coates, the widowed Countess of Asherton, cringed at her sister-in-law’s words. […]

Hell’s Wedding Bells – Annabelle Anders

T ill Death If only she’d been born a man. Lady Lila Breton, the eldest daughter of the Earl of Quimbly, would have rather been almost anyone else on that sunny but cold December morning. Or anywhere else, for that matter. She scrunched her nose in frustration. She’d long ago given up on running away […]

Hell’s Belle – Annabelle Anders

MARCUS ROBERTS, THE Earl of Blakely, leaned against the brocaded wall, arms crossed. The gorgeous fellow seemed completely unaware that his good looks drew the gaze of nearly every wallflower present. Miss Emily Goodnight was no exception. Of course, she’d never confess her infatuation to anyone, especially her closest friends. They assumed Emily was immune […]

Hell of A Lady – Annabelle Anders

“I DON’T UNDERSTAND it, Emily! It’s not as though I’m any different this year. I’m the same person I’ve always been. Heaven knows my dowry’s as small as it ever was.” Normally, Rhoda wasn’t one to question good fortune, but the past year had turned her into something of a skeptic. For upon her wrist, […]

Hell In A Hand Basket – Annabelle Anders

Sophia tugged at the leading string to draw Peaches closer to the hem of her dress. She must keep her precious companion as close as possible. The dog, small in stature, had very short legs and a long body. Not that Peaches was strong enough to drag Sophia into the melee of pedestrians. But the […]

Hell Hath No Fury – Annabelle Anders

If it’s the last thing I do, I will free myself of that scoundrel. Sipping her third glass of champagne in an absentminded motion, Cecily Nottingham, the new Countess of Kensington, glared daggers across the crowded ballroom at the man she’d pledged to love, honor, and obey in a church of God, less than one […]

Hell Hath Frozen Over – Annabelle Anders

LORETTA REACHED DOWN to examine the near perfect leaf that had fallen from the tree. How it had managed to survive intact, so late into December, she couldn’t guess. Nature could be fickle that way. Thick veins added texture to the resilient piece of greenery. Adrift now, from its source of life, it would turn […]

Cocky Duke – Annabelle Anders

Mrs. Ambrosia (Aubrey) Bloomington A rural inn in South East England, 1823 Mrs. Ambrosia Bloomington leaned forward but held back an appreciative gasp as she caught sight of the creature outside her window. Sleek, muscular… and such a powerful looking behind. The magnificent beast turned his head, allowing a glimpse of his chiseled profile. In […]

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