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Hush – B. T. Urruela, Anne Malcom

Missouri summers are never easy, but this was a summer day for the record book in Grandview, a small farming community three hours southwest of St. Louis. The sweltering heat was worsened by the humidity that stuck to you like a second skin and kept most of the locals indoors—but not the children. Some spent […]

doyenne. – Anne Malcom

I’ve always been fascinated with my own death. Not suicidal. It’s important to make that distinction. But inappropriately interested in my demise. Since I’d gotten to what most people would consider the peak in my professional life, I’d stare off into the distance from the forty-eighth floor, idly wondering about what would happen if I […]

Birds of Paradise – Anne Malcom

I AWOKE with that frenzied urgency you get when you’re trying to shake off a nightmare. But instead of the relief of safety in wakefulness, there was only increased terror. Every inch of me froze as I took in the dark figure standing in the corner of my room. My already thundering heart threatened to […]

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