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The Duke and the Thief – Ashe Barker

The strident chords of the church of St. Anselm and St. Cecilia bells rang in her ears as Elisabeth hurried along the murky, damp streets of Bloomsbury. Head down, her threadbare shawl drawn tightly around her thin shoulders in a feeble attempt to ward off the bitter chill and drizzle of an autumn morning in […]

Sassenach Bride – Ashe Barker

“This makes three weeks spent on the road worthwhile.” Robbie McGregor, heir to his father’s title and the next Laird of Skye, regarded the scene that surrounded him. His appreciative grin betrayed both relish and gleeful anticipation, which he made no attempt to disguise. His gleaming gaze took in the crowds of richly dressed courtiers, […]

Her Celtic Masters – Ashe Barker

Havrsfjord, Norseland “You are to be wed.” Kristin paused in her task. The remaining casks of wine stood unchecked on the harbour as she raised her eyes to peer at her father over the shipment just arrived from Genoa. “I beg your pardon.” Kristin straightened. She must have misheard. “Baldvin Ryggiason has offered for you. […]

Conquered by the Viking – Ashe Barker

The girl straightened, rubbed her aching back with her grimy palm. She flung the shovel aside, then fell to her knees, weeping. The mound of soft earth mocked her, a permanent memorial to all she had lost. All that had been savagely ripped from her by the bastard Norsemen as they rampaged through her land, […]

Brandr – Ashe Barker

Achnaryrie Village, Gaillaibh, the land of the Picts, Scotland 912 AD ust try a drop more broth. Please. It’s good and will help you to regain your strength…” Eithne dipped a hunk of bread into the bowl of warm stew and placed it against the dry, cracked lips of her father-in-law. “Ailsa managed to trap […]

A Tale of Two Pirates – Ashe Barker

New Orleans, June 1720 Paulette let out a long, low moan. Shudders racked her body; sensual delight tingled to the very ends of her fingers and toes, her hair even. She thrust her hips forward, seeking more friction, more pleasure, more everything… But it was already over. Almost as quickly as it had begun, he […]

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