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Colt – Autumn Summers

Chapter 1 (Colt): Intel A war. The idea of a war was almost too shocking to be true, but the information was right there. “I see,” I said. “We should be careful. Figure out who’s behind this,” Sarge said. “Yeah, we’re going to need to look for someone, anyone at all, to give us more […]

Cage – Autumn Summers

Without thought, I reacted, grabbing my gun and running over to the Cubans. “Get the fuck out of here, you rat bastards,” I said. I gunned them down with my AR, hiding behind one of the knocked-over chairs. A couple of guys shot at me, but I ducked in the nick of time. Still, it […]

Brick – Autumn Summers

I felt my body go limp. The only thing I heard was screaming. “What the fuck?” “I’m going to kill Ortiz!” “Fuck that son of a bitch!” I laid there, unable to move. My head fucking hurt. I couldn’t really do much. “Come on, shit. We need to get you some help.” “Yeah, how did […]

Bishop’s Rise – Autumn Summers

I turned off the highway, having finally reached Miami. But that didn’t make me feel any better. I just wanted a fucking cigarette, to jerk off, and then pretend I didn’t have to give the Wicked Kings president the goddamn ultimatum that I needed to. It didn’t sit fully right with me, but I also […]

Bishop – Autumn Summers

It’d been a day since the shooting. Honestly, I didn’t know how to feel. The fact that Wolf was shot and killed by the former head of the club made my heart race. It changed everything. I mean, it was all so quick, but there was only one thing that stayed on my mind. Shelly. […]

The Hitman & the Heiress – Autumn Summers

If the movies get anything right, it’s that hitman always have that glass of whiskey—or perhaps scotch—on their desk. Honestly, I think it’s a prop more than anything—something to elevate the intimidation. Like, watch out, you don’t want to mess with a guy who can down a glass without batting an eye. Stay away from […]

Skull – Autumn Summers

War. That’s what they wanted, right? I looked at the rest of the Kings, all of them staring at me as I said it. “Skull, you know that’s dangerous, correct?” Sarge said. “Don’t worry, just give me backup. I need a team of men. I told you I handle things my own way, right?” I […]

Sarge – Autumn Summers

My eyes scanned the blue waters of Atlantic City. My new turf where our shipment of guns would be going through. I looked around, noticing a couple of men in the shadows. I readied my body, noticing a couple of shady guys hanging right outside the Atlantic City MC charter. The Wicked Kings didn’t have […]

Monk – Autumn Summers

“So, what’s the next step? The shipment went out, so I assume we’re good?” Diesel asked. I shook my head, putting my hands on the table. “Not at all,” I said. Sarge looked at me, scowling as I spoke. “How are we not fine? We took out those Souls bastards,” he said. I pursed my […]

Knox – Autumn Summers

Seeing the bomb go off paralyzed me with fear. I was unable to move for what felt like forever. Was this … was this the end of the Kings? Was Monk okay? Did Shay get hurt? I was worried. I’d only recently joined the Kings compared to the others here, but seeing this happen made […]

Hawke – Autumn Summers

“Do any of you know who the hell could be stealing our money?” I said, looking directly at Monk and Knox. Knox shook his head, his eyes wide with surprise. “I’ve been in the hospital for the last few days. And I have no clue who would bother to steal something like that.” Monk nodded […]

Shiv – Autumn Summers

It was a normal night—well, as normal as things got around here. It was quiet in the sense that no one was causing trouble, and after the shit the club’s been through lately, it almost felt like the calm before the storm. I had a hunch shit was seriously going to hit the fan, but […]

Saint – Autumn Summers

Well, the cat was out of the fucking bag, and I was getting absolute shit for being the one to let it happen. “What the hell were you thinking?” Faith snarled, still pacing around my office like a caged animal. Honestly, I was surprised my head was still attached to my body., With all the […]

Harley – Autumn Summers

Who did these fuckers think they were? Coming into our club causing a damn ruckus during prime business hours. I wouldn’t stand for that shit during after-hours, let alone now. Oh, they were in for a world of hurt, and the poor bastards didn’t even have a clue. Did they really think they could intimidate […]

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