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Ewan – Avril Borthiry

Ewan slid his sword from its sheath and tilted the blade toward the candlelight to better examine its honed edge. His keen eye sought flaws—small anomalies that marred the burnished steel. None were visible. Hardly a surprise. The weapon had not seen battle in a good while. No matter. He would administer to it anyway. […]

A Solitary Candle – Avril Borthiry

Allied Field Hospital, Ferme de Mont-St-Jean, Waterloo, Belgium Monday, 19 June, 1815 AD “WHİLE MY PROGNOSİS might be somewhat troubling, Captain Northcott, you may consider yourself otherwise fortunate.” The doctor gave Aldous a sober smile. “Two inches lower or a fraction deeper and the outcome would have been far worse.” Aldous remained silent as he […]

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