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Highlander’s Savior – Barbara Bard

They had been traveling for a while through these dark woods, as they were going to meet Lord Flynn, the man who Rosemary was betrothed to. George had suggested that they find a place to lay their head for the night as it was getting too dark to keep traveling. Sarah and Rosemary were talking […]

Highlander’s Revenge – Barbara Bard

Alastar pinched himself to convince himself that he was not dreaming. Being isolated in captivity had played with his mind, but now that the fresh air was on his body again and he could breathe in the scents of the outside world, he was feeling more like his old self and was thankful that he […]

Highlander’s Captive – Barbara Bard

The camp was a frightful place, almost as loud as the battle. Fires were lit across a field, and in the distance a castle loomed, blotting out the stars. The men and women acted like animals, singing and rejoicing in their victory. There seemed to be no dignity in them, for they did not mourn […]

Her Highlander’s Lion Heart – Barbara Bard

The mist that saturated the sprawling emerald green of the Highlands was like the breath of God; a thick veneer of grey enveloping the valleys, creeks, and rivers with a breathtaking, yet foreboding, quality in the wee hours of the morning. A pine martin, small and compact with a body of fur matching the tone […]

Her Highland Protector – Barbara Bard

The moon rose bright and full, eclipsing the stars as the hunter stalked his prey. He scented her fear, her terror, watched her shadow hasten across the Scottish moors. To his keen eyes, her slim figure showed up clear against the darker heather and rocks, the golden hair that spilled down her back gleaming like […]

Her Highland Devil – Barbara Bard

October 1718, Hawkshire, England. “Ronnie?!” Gabby screamed inaudibly from where she slightly crouched. She was on her way to her parent’s bedchamber to talk about something they were hiding from her. When she reached the doors, she saw that one of them was slightly ajar. Now, as she listened in on them from behind the […]

Her Highland Defender – Barbara Bard

Eamon Baird stood on the roof of his father and mother’s home, his eyes focused on the horizon as a cool breeze came in from the north. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as the chill licked at his skin, Eamon rubbing his three days’ worth of stubble as he kept […]

Drew – Barbara Bard

Sarah returned to her chambers, hyperventilating. Closing the door behind her, she also closed her eyes, wishing that the ground would swallow her up whole. Being in such close proximity to Lord Harold Flynn was nerve-wracking. At any moment he could have discovered her lie. It had only been a few days since Sarah had […]

A Highlander to Set Her Free – Barbara Bard

The tunnel was dark, yet she navigated it with ease, knowing the route like the back of her little hand. Thunder shook the keep, spurring her on faster. It wasn’t that she was a cowardly child by any means, but the combination of the raging storm outside and the nightmare that had ripped her from […]

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