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The Stablemaster’s Daughter – Barbara Devlin

A shrill scream reverberated through the house, piercing the quiet, and Lord Ernest Cornelius Frederick Howe bolted upright in bed. Rubbing his eyes, he yawned and wondered if he dreamed the blood-curdling shriek, until another hair-raising shout of alarm had him leaping from bed. After pulling on his wool breeches, he donned his silk robe, […]

Morgan – Barbara Devlin

A brisk breeze sifted through the trees, as Morgan Le Aguillon ran through the meadow, chasing his best friend for as long as he could remember, his silver Pyr Shep. Swift and sure, they sprinted amid the tall grasses, which swayed in a delicate dance with the wind. Sunlight faded, as on the horizon, dark […]

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