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A Citadel of Captives – Bella Forrest

It was difficult to keep a positive outlook in the face of everything that had happened. If it were just us captured by Ta’Zan, it would be different. Our worst-case scenario in that instance would be a possible eternity spent in this place, while Ta’Zan lifted the genetic material he needed to create his Perfects […]

The Test – Bella Forrest

Alex reached up cautiously to touch the soft feathers on the side of the Thunderbird’s face. She cooed, pressing her head into his hand. “How am I supposed to ride you?” he asked her, picturing his ancestor Leander on the back of his warbird, Tempest. Thunderbirds could definitely be ridden, he knew that much, but […]

The Gender Secret – Bella Forrest

I knelt in front of the throne as the crown was lowered onto my head. The crowd that filled the royal courtyard gave a half-hearted cheer. I could sense their pain and confusion. They had not been given enough time to mourn—none of us had. My mother’s death had come too soon, and nobody had […]

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