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Four Hearts – Belle Brooks

I dip my head and lower my body until I’m sliding across the back seat of the car. The belt meets the buckle, and I jolt from the sound. My heart shatters all over again. I’m never going to be the same man I was before. The car door opens on the opposite side to […]

Five Fights – Belle Brooks

I sit watching the hands on the clock rotate slowly, so slowly it appears they don’t move at all. 3:40 a.m., and still no word. Not a whisper. Nothing. Shaky breaths part my lips. My jaw clenches tight at the same time as my hands. My stomach rolls like a tidal wave, then knots into […]

Three Breaths – Belle Brooks

The downlight above Maloney’s head creates the illusion of a halo as he stares at the television. He seems relaxed with his arms outstretched on top of the lounge, and his knees spread wide apart from each other. His sneakers start where his blue jeans cut off, and they appear almost brand new when I […]

One Fear – Belle Brooks

The howls of dingoes fill thick air. They’re ravenous, and their need to kill is strong—so is mine. I lie listening to their hunger for blood; it’s intoxicating. I will have her and release my demons when I get my feed. Patience is the key. Her long brown hair — matching brown eyes — she’s […]

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