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The Girl with the Sweetest Secret – Betina Krahn

“Never seen a man hold liquor like he can,” Beulah MacNeal, legendary proprietress of the Chancery, said with a dark chuckle. Reynard Boulton, heir to the Viscount Tannehill, stood on the mezzanine overlooking the gaming floor of Mrs. MacNeal’s infamous gambling establishment in southwest London. The air was a haze of spirits and smoke, and […]

Behind Closed Doors – Betina Krahn

South of Stockholm June 1576 The golden rays of the midsummer sun had scarcely left the horizon when they returned, reclaiming the sky and the land. The shortest night of the year was past, and with it the great revels that accompanied the yearly Midsummer festivities, a celebration of warmth and light in a land […]

Anyone But a Duke – Betina Krahn

London “Our family has never had much luck with dukes,” Elizabeth Bumgarten declared, smoothing her already impeccable skirts and staring out the window of the darkened carriage into the chilled September night. “He’s not a duke.” Sarah Bumgarten countered her mother’s observation, sitting straighter so as not to crumple her costly blue satin. “He’s an […]

A Good Day to Marry a Duke – Betina Krahn

New York State, 1888 This was the moment she had been waiting for, her time to shine. She had the perfect horse—seventeen intimidating hands and black as midnight—and the perfect riding habit—scarlet coat with a black overskirt that hid her trousers, and a saucy top hat cocked at an eye-catching angle— The Bellington Hunt had […]

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