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Wedding Violet – Beverley Oakley

Gad’s teeth, that was the best tupping I’ve ever paid for, my lovely Victoria!” Lord Belvedere regarded Violet with satisfaction as he reclined in all his youthful glory upon the pink satin counterpane of the iron four-poster. “It’s Violet, actually,” Violet said, pulling the bedsheets up to her chest as she swung her legs over […]

The Honourable Fortune Hunter – Beverley Oakley

She’s a hoyden; she’s undisciplined, and she has shown no gratitude during the five years she’s lived on our charity.” “Charity?” Fanny, Lady Fenton, leaned forward to offer her guest a fruit bun, still warm from the kitchens below. It had been several hours since luncheon, and Mrs Hodge looked like she needed regular sustenance. […]

The Duchess and the Highwayman – Beverley Oakley

It was an evening like any other: dull, with a hint of menace and tension so thick, Phoebe imagined slicing a neat hole in it and disappearing magically into a new life. Any would do. The company had retired to the dim, close drawing room, gentlemen included, following a gluttonous dinner. By the fireplace, Phoebe […]

The Countess and the Cavalier – Beverley Oakley

O n the Eve of battle between King Charles’s Cavaliers and a Puritan stronghold. Elizabeth’s eyes watered from the acrid smell of smoke as she squinted into the setting sun and watched the enemy make camp on the other side of the beech wood. The chirping of sparrows preparing to nest for the evening reminded […]

Saving Grace – Beverley Oakley

Reclining on a red plush sofa, Grace took a sip of her sickly sweet orgeat and forced a haze over any thoughts about the night ahead. Madame Chambon only allowed her girls champagne when the gentlemen were paying for it and although Grace was not a drinker she liked the way it dulled her senses […]

Rake’s Redemption – Beverley Oakley

“ARE you asking to be ruined, Fanny?” It was a reasonable question for her scandalised cousin to put to her but Fanny was beyond caring. Jostled by crowds of merrymakers wearing all manner of costumes at tonight’s masquerade in Vauxhall Gardens, she was not yet ready to go home. Indeed, she had pressing reasons why […]

Lady Unveiled – Beverley Oakley

Lucinda’s angry, discordant note on the piano brought Lissa’s head up sharply. It seemed her disgruntled charge had finally—like Lissa—had enough of the muffled and completely inappropriate giggles of Lord Beecham’s ‘special’ friend. For the last hour, Lissa had sat quietly sewing by the window, as well behaved as any good governess could be suffering […]

Keeping Faith – Beverley Oakley

What did you learn last night?” “A gentleman must always believe he knows best.” Confident that her answer was pleasing, Faith reached across the table to help herself to a macaroon, but a sharp slap across the back of the hand stopped her progress by the silver teapot. Her smile of feigned contrition was rewarded […]

Her Valentine’s Secret – Beverley Oakley

My love, he has come.” James’s breath chilled Lisette’s cheek, his urgent murmur forcing her to turn her head in the direction he indicated. Lucien Monteil. Older and more handsome than she remembered. Devastatingly so. With a shiver of anticipation, she touched the locket concealed below the line of her bodice, and steeled herself to […]

Christmas Charity – Beverley Oakley

Charity shivered as she snuggled against Hugo’s side, anticipation heightening as his gentle hands grazed her nipples. Outside, the wind stirred the branches of the plane tree, its soft sighs competing with Charity’s as tendrils of need speared her, even though it had been mere minutes since they’d collapsed, exhausted and satisfied, in each other’s […]

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