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Kill, Sleep, Repeat – Britney King

T PROLOGUE he first time it happened, I did not think it was funny. It wasn’t funny the second time, either. By that point, saving her ass had become a full-time job. With mandatory overtime. By then, I’d realized something profound—what didn’t kill me only made me want her more. Maybe it would have helped […]

The Social Affair – Britney King

The voice comes out of nowhere. I don’t have to turn around to know how unfortunate this situation is. The sound is male, all male, hard and rough. Breathless and edgy. “Give me the purse,” he demands. I exhale slowly. Steady my breathing. Ball my fists. Release them. Flex my fingers. Jesus. I turn in […]

The Replacement Wife – Britney King

No one is going to feel sorry for me. They didn’t when the ‘big accident’ happened. They didn’t when I was tormented in school. They didn’t when all the other bad things happened. So why would they start now? Someone should really take girls aside and tell them the truth: you can’t be pretty and […]

Room 553 – Britney King

I s it bad?” “No.” “Did I hurt you?” she asked. Or maybe she said, “Does it hurt?” I can’t recall which. Either way, it never occurred to me to lie. I shook my head. “Are you angry with me?” “No.” At the time, this was true. There in that hotel room, everything was true. […]

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