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The Medium – C.J. Archer

Whoever said dead men don’t tell lies had never met Barnaby Wiggam’s ghost. The fat, bulbous-nosed spirit fading in and out beside me like a faulty gas lamp clearly thought he was dealing with a fool. I may only be seventeen but I’m not naïve. I know when someone is lying—being dead didn’t alter the […]

The Mapmaker’s Apprentice – C.J. Archer

How are your acting skills, India?” my employer Matthew Glass asked me. We sat at diagonal opposites in the brougham, our knees bumping when the coachman took the corners too fast, something he did at regular intervals. Matt had hired the fellow after winning the brougham in a poker match only a week before. We’d […]

The Magician’s Diary – C. J. Archer

Impatience was a disease that infected us all. The air in the entrance hall of number sixteen Park Street, Mayfair, thickened as Matt, Cyclops, Willie and I stared at Chronos, who stood just inside the threshold. My grandfather. I felt as though I ran a fever, with my trembling hands and skin alternately hot and […]

The Last Necromancer – C.J. Archer

The other prisoners eyed me as if I were a piece of tender meat. I was someone new to distract them from their boredom, and small enough that I couldn’t stop one—let alone four—from doing what they wanted. It was only a matter of who would be the first to enjoy me. “He’s mine.” The […]

Of Fate and Phantoms – C.J. Archer

You look beautiful,” Lincoln whispered, enclosing my hands in his. We stood in the corridor between our rooms on a freezing New Year’s Eve. Lincoln’s warmth, however, chased away the chill. A tendril of his hair skimmed his brow. He didn’t plan on tying it back for the ball. Apparently pirates cared nothing for grooming. […]

Her Majesty’s Necromancer – C.J. Archer

“Put your arm around me,” I told Lincoln Fitzroy. He did, and as with every other time he touched me, my blood responded with a throb and my skin tightened. Imagine how I would react if he touched me with desire and not violence. I hooked my fingers onto his forearm, dropped so that he […]

The Return of Absent Souls – C. J. Archer

The shock of Dane’s arrest at the hands of the Freedland authorities didn’t hit me until Balthazar, Quentin, Erik and I returned to the lair of Max’s former gang where we were temporarily hiding. I managed to keep my hands from shaking long enough to stitch the wound in Erik’s side, but once he fell […]

The Prison of Buried Hopes – C. J. Archer

I ‘m uneasy about this,” Meg whispered as she eyed the wagon. “You worry too much,” I whispered back. “Kitty will be fine. She knows what she’s doing.” “Does she? Anyway, that’s not what I meant. I’m uneasy about it because she’s still married. She shouldn’t be…” She waved her hand at the covered wagon, […]

The Kidnapper’s Accomplice – C. J. Archer

For all her whining about not being invited, Willie would have hated Lord Coyle and Hope Glass’s wedding. The vicar’s monotone set the scene for a staid affair that continued at the breakfast reception held at the bride’s London home. Although Lord Coyle’s townhouse was bigger, tradition dictated that Lord and Lady Rycroft host the […]

From the Ashes – C. J. Archer

Miss Holloway! Stop slouching!” Mrs. Denk’s cane smacked across my back. I felt the bite of it against my skin, through all the layers of clothing. My breath left my body and my eyes watered. I arched away from her. “Young ladies do not have round shoulders.” I gritted my teeth until the sting lessened. […]

The Temple of Forgotten Secrets – C.J. Archer

The man I’d known as King Leon was buried on a rise at the edge of the royal estate. The site offered a view of the palace, and the grave was marked with a hastily carved headstone. Theodore suggested a mausoleum be built to honor him, but no one else had championed the idea. Balthazar […]

The Prisoner’s Key – C.J. Archer

Tell her she can’t have it, India,” Miss Glass said from the sideboard where she poured tea. No, not Miss Glass. She was Aunt Letitia to me now that I was Matt’s wife. Matt’s wife, Aunt Letitia…I still wasn’t used to it after two weeks, but at least I no longer giggled when someone referred […]

The Palace of Lost Memories – C.J. Archer

Whispers of sorcery began when the palace’s foundations appeared overnight. One frost-bitten day, the broad plain five miles from Mull contained nothing but grass and muddy puddles; the next, solid walls took shape as if they’d sprouted from the ground like daffodils at the first hint of spring. Looking at the completed building now, surrounded […]

The Ink Master’s Silence – C.J. Archer

Lhen events have not been going one’s way for some time, it can take a period of adjustment before realizing all will be well. Finally, a week after his magic watch had been fixed, I allowed myself to believe Matt was going to live. He looked handsome and healthy in his full evening attire as […]

The Imposter’s Inheritance – C.J. Archer

I d been dreading dining with the Delanceys and their friends from the collectors’ club since we received the invitation a week previously. It was not my idea of an enjoyable way to spend an evening. Part of that apprehension could be attributed to seeing Lord Coyle again. Our meetings were never easy, but they […]

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