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The Winter King – C. L. Wilson

“Do you have to go?” Seventeen-year-old Khamsin Coruscate clung to her beloved brother’s hand as if by her grip alone she could anchor him fast and keep him from leaving. “You know I do. Our treaties with the Winter King are very important.” “But you’ll be home soon?” Whenever he was gone, the ancient walls […]

The Sea King – C. L. Wilson

“Higher, Dilys! Higher!” Pangi Mahilo’s high-pitched squeal pealed out across the pink sand beach. “Higher, eh?” Laughing at the squirming boy in his arms, Dilys Merimydion, Prince of the Calbernan Isles, cast a quick glance at Pangi’s mother, who rolled her eyes at the son Dilys had been tossing in the air but still nodded […]

Queen of Song and Souls – C. L. Wilson

She was only nine years old, and she was going to die. Lillis Baristani clung to her beloved friend, Earth master Kieran vel Solande, and showered his throat with frightened tears. Around them the world had gone mad. Magic, blades, and barbed sel’dor arrows filled the air. Blood ran red on the ground. Below, at […]

Lord of the Fading Lands – C. L. Wilson

The tairen were dying. Rain Tairen Soul, King of the Fey, could no longer deny the truth. Nor, despite all his vast power and centuries of trying, could he figure a way to save either the creatures that were his soul-kin or the people who depended upon him to lead and defend them. The tairen—those […]

Lady of Light and Shadows – C. L. Wilson

I dream of wing and fang and pride, I dream of venom swift and sure. I dream of song and cloud and sky, I dream of flame that scorches pure. I dream of dancing crystal winds, as high aloft I soar. I dream of enemies and prey that flee my fiery roar. —Tairen Dreams, by […]

King of Sword and Sky – C. L. Wilson

“Two Primages and sixty of my Black Guard slaughtered, and yet somehow the pair of you survived. While my prize escaped.” In the lowest levels of Boura Fell, the subterranean fortress buried deep beneath the darkforested heart of Eld, High Mage Vadim Maur paced the sel’dor-veined floor of a small, sconce-lit cell. Before him, two […]

Crown of Crystal Flame – C. L. Wilson

Death raked like a knife across Ellysetta Baristani’s empathic soul. Talisa Barrial diSebourne was dead. Killed by the tairen venom in the red Fey’cha her husband, Colum, had thrown at her Fey truemate, Adrial vel Arquinas. Of Colum diSebourne—Talisa’s husband—there was no sign. The scorch of ozone, the odor of powerful magic released with explosive […]

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