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Prince’s Gambit (Captive Prince #2) – C.S. Pacat

THE SHADOWS WERE long with sunset when they rode up, and the horizon was red. Chastillon was a single jutting tower, a dark round bulk against the sky. It was huge and old, like the castles far to the south, Ravenel and Fortaine, built to withstand battering siege. Damen gazed at the view, unsettled. He […]

Kings Rising (Captive Prince #3) – C.S. Pacat

DAMIANOS.’ Damen stood at the base of the dais steps as his name spread in tones of shock and disbelief over the courtyard. Nikandros knelt before him, his army knelt before him. It was like coming home, until his name, rippling outwards over the ranks of the gathered Akielon soldiers, hit the Veretian commoners thronging […]

Green but for a Season (Captive Prince Short Story) – C.S. Pacat

It meant something to Jord when he became Captain, a small piece of polish that Jord kept to himself. Jord was a good fighter, he was loyal to his Prince, but that didn’t add up to a captaincy. Captains were the sons of aristocrats—even if the Prince’s Guard was a little different, drawn from the […]

Captive Prince (Captive Prince #1) – C.S. Pacat

‘WE HEAR THAT your Prince,’ said Lady Jokaste, ‘keeps his own harem. These slaves will please any traditionalist, but I have asked Adrastus to prepare something special in addition, a personal gift for your Prince from the King. A gem in the rough, as it were.’ ‘His Majesty has already been so generous,’ said Councillor […]

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