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The Pursuit of Mrs. Pennyworth – Callie Hutton

Miss Charlotte Reading furtively glanced at the clock on the wall in her tiny bedroom. Her heartbeat increased as she mumbled encouragement to herself and shoved her meager belongings into a small satchel. Lord Barton had sent a note around that he intended to return home at four o’clock, and to make herself available. Fifteen […]

The Courtesan’s Daughter and the Gentleman – Callie Hutton

Miss Charlotte Danvers stepped out of the hackney she’d taken from the rail station to her mother’s home right outside of Mayfair in London. She was excited at the surprise she planned for Mama. Charlotte had spent most of her life in France at an exclusive girls’ school. Once she graduated, with her mother’s encouragement, […]

The Bookseller and the Earl – Callie Hutton

Miss Adeline Mallory accepted the footman’s hand and climbed from the carriage in front of her family’s townhouse in Mayfair. Her chaperone, Mrs. Wesley, followed her down the two short steps, then up the stone pathway to the stairs leading to the gleaming white front door with the well-polished brass knocker shaped like a roaring […]

The Artist and the Rake – Callie Hutton

A flock of birds soared above the small gathering, calling to each other as they dipped and swayed in a group across the gray sky. Below them, Lizbeth Davenport stood in front of the gaping hole in the ground and shuddered at the sound of dirt dropping onto her mother’s coffin. The cloudy sky and […]

Miranda – Callie Hutton

“Dodge is the Deadwood of Kansas; . . . her principal business is polygamy without the sanction of religion; her code of morals is the honor of thieves, and decency she knows not. . . The employment of many citizens is gambling, her virtue is prostitution, and her beverage is whisky. She is a merry […]

Lady Pamela and the Gambler – Callie Hutton

London, England “She is an embarrassment, David. There is just no way around it. I am humiliated every time she opens her mouth.” Lady Corinne Mulgrave smoothed her deep rose satin gown over her bottom and settled on the sofa in the drawing room, her back straight, her pointed chin thrust forward. Anticipating an argument, […]

For the Love of the Viscount – Callie Hutton

The Right Honorable, the Earl of Pomeroy, sat at the head of his dinner table and smiled at his three lovely daughters, who smiled back at him. Three unmarried lovely daughters. Each one was charming and pretty in her own way. And each one needed to find a husband and remove herself from his benevolence […]

For the Love of the Marquess – Callie Hutton

The Marquess of Hertford looked up from the book he read as Stevenson, his butler, entered the library. “My lord, a note has just been delivered to our door.” He held out a cream-colored piece of vellum with the seal of the Duke of Reading’s crest on it. Graham took the paper from the butler’s […]

For the Love of the Gentleman – Callie Hutton

Lady Prudence Sterling straightened her spine and with her papers clasped firmly in her hand, entered the library where her mother and stepfather enjoyed an evening libation before retiring to their bedchamber, as was their habit. She’d given this a great deal of thought and spent a lot of time going over her appointment books […]

For the Love of the Duke – Callie Hutton

Lady Phoebe Sterling left the overly warm modiste shop and stepped onto the pavement, inhaling a breath of fresh air. Her sister, Prudence, was still busy going through design plates to find the “perfect” gown for the first ball of the new Season in two weeks. Although identical twins, they parted ways when it came […]

For the Love of the Baron – Callie Hutton

Jonathan, The Right Honorable Lord Stanley, entered the bi-weekly meeting of the Gentlemen and Ladies Literary Society of London, handed his hat, cane and great coat to the man at the door, took two steps and cringed at the sound of Lady Marigold’s laughter. Not that his fellow member laughed like a horse, or any […]

Denying the Duke – Callie Hutton

Bedfordshire, England, June 1814 Lord Alexander Pemberton, second son of the Sixth Duke of Bedford—and constantly reminded of his less revered position in the family—looked up from the book he was reading as he leaned against his favorite oak tree. A large carriage with a family crest rolled to a stop in front of his […]

Captivating the Earl – Callie Hutton

Suf olk County, England, August 1818 Richard, The Earl of Hawkins, known to family and friends as “Hawk,” gazed out the window of his carriage as the vehicle rounded the final bend to his cousin, Gerard, The Earl of Wycliff’s estate in Suffolk. He’d been traveling for three days and was weary to the bone. […]

A Scot to Wed – Callie Hutton

Fife County, Scottish Lowlands, Autumn, 1818 Mistress Katie Stirling, the only daughter of the Right Honorable Lord Stirling of Stirlingshire, studied the worn map she carried from her home on the trek to the MacDuff castle in Fife. The paper was dark, the writing faded, and it had been folded and refolded so many times […]

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