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In the Line of Ire – Camilla Chafer

“Check us out,” said Lily, placing her left hand over mine so that we could view our engagement and wedding rings side-by-side. Lily had been wearing hers for a while now but my wedding ring was less than a month old. My left hand still felt the extra weight from the newness of the band. […]

Very Special Forces – Camilla Chafer

“I’m hit!” I gasped. My fingers, snug in thick, padded gloves, moved down to the red patch currently widening over my heart. Any moment now, my life would expire and that would be it. Game over. I dropped my head back in the grass where I landed at the impact of the bullet and stared […]

Rules of Engagement – Camilla Chafer

“It’s a mystery,” said Solomon. His dark eyes pierced me with the kind of look that I was sure he usually reserved for a special type of criminal. I may have been many things but I wasn’t that brand of criminal. At the top of my list of personal identities I, Lexi Graves, was a […]

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