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The Marriage Wager – Candace Camp

LADY HAUGHSTON SURVEYED the throng of people below her, one hand resting lightly on the polished black walnut railing. She was aware that heads turned to look at her. Indeed, she would have been disappointed if they had not. Francesca Haughston had been a reigning beauty of the Ton for over a decade now—at thirtythree, […]

The Hidden Heart – Candace Camp

The Duke of Cleybourne was going home to die. He had decided it the night before, as he was standing in his study, gazing up at the portrait of Caroline that Devin had painted for him as a wedding present. Richard had looked at the picture, and at the smaller, less satisfactory one of their […]

The Courtship Dance – Candace Camp

NO ONE WOULD have guessed from the way Lady Francesca Haughston moved through the Whittington ballroom that she was making the opening moves of her campaign. She strolled along in her usual manner, pausing to compliment a dress here or flirt with one of her many admirers there. She smiled and talked and plied her […]

So Wild A Heart – Candace Camp

She reached up toward him, arms outstretched, eyes wide and pleading, mouth contorted in a death grimace. She was pale, her skin white with an undertone of gray, and water coated her skin and clothes. Dark seaweed wrapped around her chest, seemingly pulling her down into the roiling water. “Dev! Help me! Save me!” Her […]

Secrets of the Heart – Candace Camp

Rachel leaned back against the soft velvet squabs of the carriage seat and stifled a sigh. She glanced across at Gabriela, who was curled up in a corner of her seat, asleep. She envied the girl the easy sleep of youth. Rachel had not been able to fall asleep, despite the monotonous rumbling of the […]

Mesmerized – Candace Camp

THE OIL LAMP in the center of the long table was turned low, eerily lighting the faces of the people around it, throwing eyes and hair into deep shadows and dancing along the sharp lines of brow and cheekbone, making the silent attendees look gaunt and mysterious. All eyes turned toward the large wooden box […]

His Wicked Charm – Candace Camp

THE DOOR OPENED. The room beyond lay in darkness, broken only by a swath of moonlight. There was no reason to be frightened, yet some nameless, faceless terror iced Con’s veins. Still, he stepped inside. The fear in him was worse. The walls of the room were curved, disorienting, and everywhere he looked were clocks— […]

His Sinful Touch – Candace Camp

HER EYES DRIFTED OPEN. It was shadowy and dark, the only light a small kerosene lamp on a chest across the room. But even in the dim light, she knew this wasn’t home. Her eyes closed again, the lids heavy. She wanted to sleep again, but she knew she couldn’t. Foggy and befuddled as she […]

Her Scandalous Pursuit – Candace Camp

London December 1556 A WOMAN RAN down the narrow street, staying close to the wall beneath the overhang of the buildings. There was no time. She was ahead of them—thank God one of Jamie’s urchins had slipped her the message—but she knew they were not far behind. Now that he had the writ for her […]

An Unexpected Pleasure – Candace Camp

New York, 1879 The shriek cut through the night. In her bed, Megan Mulcahey sat straight up, instantly awake, her heart pounding. It took her a moment to realize what had awakened her. Then she heard her sister’s voice again. “No. No!” Megan was out of her bed in a flash and running through the […]

A Winter Scandal – Candace Camp

The Squire’s house was ablaze with lights in the crisp December evening, and the boughs of evergreen branches festooned across the lintel added to the festive air. A groom hurried forward as the vicar’s pony trap pulled to a stop in front of the house, and Daniel handed him the reins before going around to […]

A Stolen Heart – Candace Camp

Paris, 1789 LADY CHILTON PUSHED BACK THE draperies of her bedroom window and peered out into the night. In the distance she could see fire leaping up, and she shivered. It was the Mob. She was sure of it; she had heard their howls the day before, seen them pushing through the streets like some […]

A Perfect Gentleman – Candace Camp

1871 Abby tucked her hand into Graeme’s arm, and they started up the stairs. Everyone was watching them. Afraid she might stumble or do something equally embarrassing in front of them all, she was grateful for his support. She cast a shy glance up at the man beside her and was struck all over again […]

A Momentary Marriage – Candace Camp

1882 Sir James de Vere was going home to die. He would end his life as he had lived it, alone in the midst of his family. It was a bleak prospect, but even so, not as bad as spending his last days here in the gray and grimy city. At least at Grace Hill, […]

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