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Her Pretty Bones – Carla Kovach

‘Give it back,’ I yelled as I ran into our shared room and wrestled my stupid sister to the floor. She grabbed the doll harder, pulling it close to her heart. My sister wasn’t having it, she always got what she wanted. My mother made it and I wanted it. I forced my fingers into […]

Her Final Hour – Carla Kovach

It had been a sticky night – so sticky, she had constantly been wiping a drizzle of sweat from her brow. She inhaled the smell of beer mixed with body odour and smiled. Turning eighteen had been brilliant, better than she’d ever imagined it would be. She went out to a pub or club most […]

Her Dark Heart – Carla Kovach

The car door creaked open and a knot formed in the pit of Susan’s churning stomach. Ryan, her husband – the man who was supposed to love and trust her – had a stark look in his eyes, one which she’d only experienced on a few occasions, one which made her whole body tremble because […]

The Next Girl – Carla Kovach

Same height, same hair colour. She could almost pass for Deborah from behind. But as the woman turned, he could tell she was no more than a cheap imitation. Her leggings were riding up between her butt cheeks, and she was wearing a short puffy jacket and spiky heels, further going to prove she was […]

The Liar’s House – Carla Kovach

‘I’ve had it, you’ve left me sitting in the corner while you mess about with your bloody camera all night. How stupid of me to think we could come out and have a good time.’ She shrugged as she continued shouting in his ear. ‘You know something, your photos aren’t even good.’ His wife certainly […]

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