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Thief’s Mark – Carla Neggers

Colin Donovan eyed his wife of almost two weeks, a glass of champagne in front of her on their low table at the crowded, upscale bar at the landmark Shelbourne Hotel in the heart of Dublin. Since he knew Emma Sharpe as well as he did, he noticed the slight pull in her eyes that […]

Rival’s Break – Carla Neggers

Emma Sharpe opened all the windows in the small Maine coastal house she shared with her husband of almost four months, ending with the stubborn one above the kitchen sink. A crisp, salt-tinged breeze blew in on her, and she shut her eyes, taking it in, relishing it after her slog of a drive up […]

Night Watch – Carla Neggers

Joe Scarlatti had a book and a beer and figured to ride out the fourth straight day of San Francisco fog in his booth at Mario’s Bar & Grill. His cousin ran the waterfront place. Joe had a couple of rooms upstairs. It hadn’t always been that way, but it was that way now. And […]

Impostor’s Lure – Carla Neggers

London, England What’s happening? The room is spinning and I can’t keep my eyes open. Jet lag? But my heart is racing, beating so fast I can hardly breathe. I gulp for air but it’s useless. I stumble… Where am I? “London, Verity. You’re in London.” I narrow my eyes to focus through blurred vision. […]

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