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Wicked Torment – Carole Mortimer

“So are we all clear on what must be done, gentlemen, in regard to these eight ladies?” Dominik Sinclair, the Duke of Stonewell, stood beside the unlit fireplace in the library of his town house as he looked at each of the other seven men in the room in turn. He did not move on […]

Wicked Temptation – Carole Mortimer

“I had not expected to see you here today, Lady Prudence.” Pru’s attention was focused on the happy couple who had just been married, the Marquis of Wessex and his new marchioness, Pru’s closest friend, Jocey. The newlyweds were now accepting the congratulations and the throwing of rice from their guests as they stood outside […]

Wicked Surrender – Carole Mortimer

“Good God, Dante, what is wrong with you?” Dominik Sinclair, the Duke of Stonewell, opened the side door of his London town house wider so as to allow Dante admittance from the pitch black of the night outside. Dante perfectly understood the other man’s surprise at his appearance. He had sent word to Nik earlier […]

Wicked Sinner – Carole Mortimer

“Inform Her Grace I wish for her to join me in my study immediately.” Dominik Sinclair, the Duke of Stonewell, was in no mood to care that his butler looked surprised by his terseness but instead continued to take the long strides to his study to await the arrival of his wife. His treacherous and […]

Wicked Scandal – Carole Mortimer

“Is it not a little early in the day to be drinking brandy, Devil?” “Go to hell, Nik.” Lord Sebastian Trentham, Marquis of Deveril, having recognized his friend’s voice, did not even bother to glance up from staring morosely into the bottom of his brandy glass. The half-empty decanter on the table beside him showed […]

Wicked Deception – Carole Mortimer

“What are you doing here?” Maximillian Smythe, the Earl of Carlton, glared at the gentleman stepping into the boxing ring with him. Both men were stripped to the waist and wearing boxing gloves, as was required of them by the owner of the boxing saloon, Gentleman Jack. Maxim’s bared torso revealed the many scars upon […]

Wicked Christmas – Carole Mortimer

“I have to admit, I shall be pleased when I no longer have to share these with our son,” Nik Sinclair, the Duke of Stonewell, murmured with satisfaction. And why should he not feel satisfied when his cock was buried in the heat of his wife’s cunny and he feasted on the heavy swell of […]

Wicked Captive – Carole Mortimer

“Have we just returned from attending a wake or a wedding?” Lord Jericho Black, the Marquis of Wessex, frowned his impatience with the three morose-looking gentlemen currently seated in his study with him. “A wake.” “A wedding.” Two of those gentlemen answered at the same time with opposing opinions. The third, a darkhaired gentleman seated […]

Tamed by the Earl – Carole Mortimer

Daniel breathed an inward sigh of relief as his carriage turned in through the iron gates and began the drive leading to the house on his principal country estate. He could not have been happier to be there, even if it had meant several days of traveling from the city following the end of the […]

Taken by the Earl – Carole Mortimer

On your knees. I trust you are not about to disappoint me?” The man’s voice became colder, more challenging, as the person he was talking to obviously failed to obey him quickly enough. “We have a deal, remember? I will take care of your little problem, and you will submit to me whenever I instruct […]

Surrender – Carole Mortimer

“Ezra? Where are you? Ezra!” Ezra gave a low growl at merely hearing the sound of that sweet female voice calling his name. Not because he would have preferred to hear Clara screaming his name when his cock was fiercely thrusting into her cunny, because he knew that was never going to happen. No, the […]

Scandal – Carole Mortimer

“Move out of the way, you stupid woman, before you are mauled and trampled underfoot!” The world seemed to move in slow motion as Rachel stared at the man who had stepped so suddenly between her and the raging bull pawing at the ground only yards away from where she sat atop her equally terrified […]

Pleasured by a Duke – Carole Mortimer

“Not again!” Sebastian Falkner, the Duke of Stowmont, snorted his disgust as he threw down the letter he had been reading onto his desktop. “Lysander, is there a notice of some kind attached to the front door of Stowmont House in which I invite all motherless waifs and strays to enter?” “Not that I’m aware […]

Obsession – Carole Mortimer

“Fuck me again, Alex!” “I’ve already done so three times during the course of this afternoon. If you want any more, then you will have to climb on top and take it. If I should fall asleep while you are doing so, try not to wake me when you leave.” Miss Amanda Fullerton, standing outside […]

Indecent – Carole Mortimer

April, 1817 Wainwright Masked Ball, Wainwright House, London “I absolutely refuse to marry a man as—as cruel and debauched as the Duke of Hawkwood, Papa.” Emma had brushed past her father when she rushed from the ballroom a few minutes ago, and she had no doubt it was now he who had followed her to […]

Gabriel’s Torment – Carole Mortimer

“Awright, Ya Grace?” The scowl eased from Gabriel’s brow at the sound of the greeting from that chirpy and familiar voice. The usual sternness of his lips quirked into a smile the moment he looked down at the young urchin who, for the past six months, had graced the steps of one of the buildings […]

Forbidden – Carole Mortimer

Zachary Noble, the Earl of Harrogate, reined in his horse to stare at the eerie glow of orange in the rapidly darkening night sky ahead of him. A glow which seemed to grow bigger even as he looked at it. Zachary had hoped to arrive at his estate in Surrey before dark but his horse, […]

Craving – Carole Mortimer

Weston House, London, Summer, 1817 “Miss Sophia Marchment is here to see you, Your Grace.” Magnus Spencer, the Duke of Weston, placed his pen carefully in its holder before answering. “Show her in, Simms.” He had been expecting this visit from his sixteen-shortly-to-be-seventeenyear-old daughter’s potential headmistress for the following year at Miss Marchment’s School for […]

Benedict’s Challenge – Carole Mortimer

Late January, 1819 Gordon House, London If asked later, Benedict knew he would have no explanation as to why, as he handed his hat, cloak and gloves to Lord Henry Gordon’s butler, he also lifted his gaze up to the gallery above the entrance hall. Fate, perhaps? Whatever had caused Benedict to make that glance […]

Bastian’s Surrender – Carole Mortimer

Spring, 1817 Somewhere in London Waking up in the semidarkness of dawn to find himself naked and bound at the ankles and wrists to a four-poster bed was not so unusual for Lord Sebastian Forbes, the Earl of Shaftesbury. Nor was the fact that Bastian woke with a cock-stand, despite the fact that particular part […]

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