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The Lass Who Kissed a Frog – Caroline Lee

This tea-making ceremony was blessedly without singing, chanting or incantations of any kind. “Thank you, Grisel,” murmured Evangeline, as she accepted the delicate cup from her second-in-command. “And may I commend you on your restraint?” The plump godmother scoffed good-naturedly. “Ye may, but if ye dinnae care for the flavor, it’s nae my fault. A […]

Too Scot to Hold – Caroline Lee

“CAREFUL, lassie! Ye’re going to pull out even more hair!” Davina MacKinnon stifled her sigh at her grandfather’s remonstrations and forced a smile. “Aye, Grandda, but I have to pull to make sure the wool is fully secure.” “If ye cannae manage to—” Mayhap she’d tugged a little too hard, but he finished his sentence […]

The Pirate’s Angel – Caroline Lee

“Yer Highness, what are ye wearing?” The dirty little girl standing in front of Isabel glanced down at herself. “One of Alex’s old kilts, milady. They’re ever so much more comfortable to run and play in than those silly gowns.” Trying to hide her smile, Isabel de Strathbogie, de facto Countess of Carrick, sank regally […]

The Lass Who Lost a Shoe – Caroline Lee

Double, double, toil and trouble! Fire burn and cauldron bubble…” Broca rolled her eyes. “Why in the blazes do ye have to go through that routine each time, Grisel? Just make the blasted tea!” The plump Godmother shot her a scowl. “Ye cannae just make a good pot of tea—ye must coax it, nurture it.” […]

The Godmother – Caroline Lee

“OH, do stop sniffling into your tea, Helga! If you can’t focus on the task at hand, pass me the list.” “I’m sniffling into my cakes, thank you very much, and I’m perfectly capable of—” With a huge sigh, Doc reached across the table and pulled the bundle of papers out of her companion’s hand. […]

Scot to the Touch – Caroline Lee

‘Twas not a polite thing to say about one’s beloved sibling, but that didn’t make it any less true. Davina was pouting, and there was no use pretending otherwise. With a sigh, Katlyn put aside her own thoughts and stretched her leg out to nudge her sister’s foot. They were seated across from one another […]

In Scot Water – Caroline Lee

IS THAT HER?” At Malcolm Oliphant’s side, his brother, Alistair, looked down at a ledger he carried, back up at the woman across the square, checked the ledger once more, and grunted. “Aye, she matches the descriptions I received. Evelinde Oliphant and her two sons come to market on the third Thursday of every month.” […]

Drop It Like It’s Scot – Caroline Lee

LARA HELD her breath as she pressed one finger against the secret door. Thanks to a liberal application of cooking grease—good for more than just frying—the hinges didn’t squeak as the door inched open. The sliver of light which illuminated the passage was tinted in blues and greens from the tapestry on the wall. She […]

Christmas Collection – Caroline Lee

Ash started grumbling again when he hit the outskirts of Cheyenne. He had been cursing under his breath for hours, since he left the house. Nah, he’d been cursing since he found Nate’s note in the barn, and he hadn’t stopped since. He had cursed his way through hitching the horse up to the sleigh, […]

Wild Card – Caroline Lee

He could kill them all silently, but where was the challenge in that? And if it was one thing he craved, one thing his demons craved, it was a challenge. From where he crouched in the shadows of the porch, Jack Hoyle—known to the people of Black Aces, Montana as Jonathan Douglas—watched the night watchmen […]

The Thief’s Angel – Caroline Lee

“Do ye really think he’s guilty?” Lady Rosalind Forbes had been staring out the window of the small solar, but her friend’s whispered question jerked her out of her contemplation. When she turned, Court was watching her with such anguish, such confusion in her eyes, Rosa didn’t have to ask who she meant. There was […]

The Sutherland Devil – Caroline Lee

THE SİNCLAİR LAİRD was ailing, and his daughters could tell, despite his blustery attempts to hide it. He sat in the large chair in his solar, the same as always, but his face was pale, and his hands gripped the wooden arms, as if to keep them from shaking. “Ye’ll be married to the MacLeod […]

The Sinclair Hound – Caroline Lee

IT WASN’T HİS duty to follow her, to watch her, but that had never stopped him before. Pearl, the youngest of the Sinclair’s daughters, often spent her afternoons helping the needy of her clan. And if he wasn’t required elsewhere, he’d make sure to keep an eye on her. This afternoon, she hadn’t gone far. […]

The MacLeod Pirate – Caroline Lee

THE BLADE CHANGED directions midair, slicing toward her head. Citrine managed to get her short sword up in time to deflect the blow, but the jarring force of the strike left her arms weak. She spun to the side, flicking her opponent’s blade off hers and buying herself a moment’s respite to wipe her arm […]

The Mackenzie Regent – Caroline Lee

“DO YE THİNK we’ll ever see her again?” Agata frowned down at the yellow ochre she was crushing into a fine powder when she answered her sister. “Aye. Donae fash, Pearl will find a way home to us.” “But how?” Saffy sighed from her spot beside the open window. Scraping the powder into a small […]

The Laird’s Angel – Caroline Lee

Lady Melisandre Lamond held her forgotten embroidery in her lap and watched the Queen of Scotland pace. She wondered if it was time to commission a new woven rug for the small solar; with the way Queen Elizabeth was wearing a track from one window to the opposite wall, they’d need one soon. This room […]

The Highlander’s Angel – Caroline Lee

When the giggling started, Courtney rolled her eyes. She trusted Melisandre—and Court didn’t trust easily—but sometimes her friend’s methods were a little…unorthodox. Of course, that’s likely why they worked. From her spot in the shadows along the back wall of the tavern, Court watched Mellie shift her position on the Grant warrior’s lap. He was […]

The Bruce’s Angel – Caroline Lee

The last time they’d made love had been on the deck of a pirate’s ship. Of course, at the time, Liam hadn’t believed Charlotte when she’d told him of the birlinn’s history, but that was probably because she had been giggling as she’d pulled him along the quay that evening toward the innocuous-looking boat. All […]

Scot on Her Trail – Caroline Lee

There was safety in numbers. At least, that’s what Duncan Oliphant told himself, as he wondered, yet again, why he’d chosen to ride alongside a mute monk. The monk—not much older than Duncan himself—had obviously taken a vow of silence, bless his good intentions. But it made him boring as hell for a companion though. […]

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