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Surrender To Ruin (Sinclair Sisters Book 3) – Carolyn Jewel

EMİLY STOOD BY the door with her breath caught in her throat, and her heart shattered all over again. Momentarily paralyzed, she watched her dog gallop across the entry. The leash bounced and curved like some demented snake as Frieda headed for the stairs and the man who stood there. “Frieda. No!” But her ungainly […]

Historical Jewels – Carolyn Jewel

CAPTAİN SEBASTİAN ALEXANDER, late of His Majesty’s Royal Navy, glared at his valet’s reflection with eyes reputed to have frozen boiling water on the spot. To no avail. McNaught continued mixing another noxious remedy guaranteed to taste like poison. Sebastian turned on his chair and found the motion did not pain him as much as […]

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