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The Dishonorable Miss Delancey – Carolyn Miller

THE HONORABLE CLARA DeLancey stood atop the chalky cliffs. Above her, heavy clouds menaced the moon, revealing then concealing the scene below. At her feet glowed the lantern borrowed for tonight’s escape, while far beneath, the English Channel churned white and deadly. Wind whipped clothes around her body, tugging at her, like the despair that […]

The Elusive Miss Ellison – Carolyn Miller

“WHY, LIVVIE! WHATEVER are you doing?” Lavinia Ellison placed down her gardening trowel, swiped perspiration from her brow, and smiled up at her friend. “Good morning, Sophy.” “Oh, er, yes, good morning.” Sophia Milton’s nose wrinkled as she peered at Lavinia’s handiwork: a tall pile of weeds. “But where is Albert? Surely tending the garden […]

The Captivating Lady Charlotte – Carolyn Miller

THE ROOM GLIMMERED with a thousand points of sparkling light, the bright glow from the enormous crystal-dropped chandelier glinting off heavily beaded gowns, ornate mirrors, and the desperation shining in dozens of pairs of eyes. Lady Charlotte Featherington glanced at her mother and smiled. “Truly, Mama, there is no need to look anxious. We shall […]

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