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Through Blood, Through Fire – Cassandra Clare, Robin Wasserman

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a child who should not have been born. A child of disgraced warriors—his blood the blood of the angels, his birthright forfeit while he slept, unknowing, in his mother’s womb. A child sentenced to death for the sins of his ancestors, a […]

The Wicked Ones – Cassandra Clare, Robin Wasserman

Paris, 1989 It was said among the Shadowhunters that one could not know true beauty until one had seen the gleaming towers of Alicante. It was said that no city on Earth could rival its wonders. It was said that no Shadowhunter could feel truly at home anywhere else. If anyone had asked Céline Montclaire […]

The Land I Lost – Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan

The sky was soft gray with evening, stars not yet out. Alec Lightwood was napping because he and his parabatai had been out fighting Croucher demons all last night, and Jace Herondale, famed among the Nephilim as a master strategist, apparently thought “about a dozen demons” was a fair estimate for “definitely thirty-seven demons.” Alec […]

The Golden Tower – Holly Black, Cassandra Clare

FOR THE FIRST time in Call’s life, the house he had grown up in looked small. Alastair brought the car to a stop and they piled out along with Havoc, who ran along the edge of the grass, barking. Alastair glanced at Call once before locking the car — there was no suitcase to carry […]

The Bane Chronicles – Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson

It was a sad moment in Magnus Bane’s life when he was banned from Peru by the High Council of Peruvian warlocks. It was not just because the posters with a picture of him that were passed around Downworld in Peru were so wildly unflattering. It was because Peru was one of his favorite places. […]

Son of the Dawn – Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan

Every world contains other worlds within it. People wander through all the worlds they can find, searching for their homes. Some humans thought their world was the only world there was. Little did they know of other worlds as close to their own as a room, or the demons trying to find a door through […]

Queen of Air and Darkness – Cassandra Clare

There was blood on the Council dais, blood on the steps, blood on the walls and the floor and the shattered remnants of the Mortal Sword. Later Emma would remember it as a sort of red mist. A piece of broken poetry kept going through her mind, something about not being able to imagine people […]

Learn about Loss – Cassandra Clare, Kelly Link

On the morning of October 23, 1936, the inhabitants of Chattanooga, Tennessee, woke up to discover posters tacked up on the sides of buildings on every street. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, the posters declared, MAGIC & MUSIC & MOST MYSTERIOUS MERCHANTS’ BAZAAR. PAY ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD & ENTER FAIRYLAND. SEE WHAT YOU […]

Ghosts of the Shadow Market – Cassandra Clare

The railway viaduct passed only a hairsbreadth away from St. Saviour’s Church. There had been discussion among the mundanes about the possibility of demolishing the church to make way for the railroad, but it had met with unexpectedly fierce opposition. Instead the railway took a slightly more circuitous route, and the spire of the church […]

Every Exquisite Thing – Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson

This one was stained with something purple. This one had a hole in the sleeve. This one was missing a . . . back. An entire back. It was just a front of a shirt and two sleeves clinging on for dear life. “Christopher,” Anna said, turning the garment over in her hands, “how do […]

Chain of Gold – Cassandra Clare

Lucie Herondale was ten years old when she first met the boy in the forest. Growing up in London, Lucie had never imagined a place like Brocelind. The forest surrounded Herondale Manor on all sides, its trees bent together at the tops like cautious whisperers: dark green in the summer, burnished gold in the fall. […]

Cast Long Shadows – Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan

The railway viaduct passed only a hair’s breadth away from the church of St. Savior. There had been discussion among the mundanes about the possibility of demolishing the church to make way for the railroad, but it had met with unexpectedly fierce opposition. Instead the railway took a slightly more circuitous route, and the spire […]

A Deeper Love – Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson

“I think first,” Catarina said, “lemon cake. Oh, lemons. I think I miss them most.” Catarina Loss and Tessa Gray were walking down Ludgate Hill, just passing the Old Bailey. This was a game they sometimes played—what will you eat first when this war is over? Of all the terrible things that were going on, […]

The Silver Mask – Holly Black, Cassandra Clare

PRISON WAS NOT like Call expected it to be. He had grown up with the crime shows on television, so he thought he was supposed to have a gruff roommate to show him the ropes and how to get really buff from lifting weights. He was supposed to hate the food and not start anything […]

The Shadowhunter’s Codex – Cassandra Clare

Hey. I don’t know you. I can’t guess who you might be. But I’m done with this Codex now, and I think it’s time I pass it on. Okay, I’ve written all over it. And . . . drawn all over it. But I think it’s better than a fresh clean Codex, because I’ve corrected […]

The Iron Trial – Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

FROM A DISTANCE, the man struggling up the white face of the glacier might have looked like an ant crawling slowly up the side of a dinner plate. The shantytown of La Rinconada was a collection of scattered specks far below him, the wind increasing as his elevation did, blowing powdery gusts of snow into […]

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy – Cassandra Clare, et al

The problem was that Simon did not know how to pack like a badass. For a camping trip, sure; to stay at Eric’s or overnight at a weekend gig, fine; or to go on a vacation in the sun with his mom and Rebecca, no problem. Simon could throw together a jumble of suntan lotion […]

Lord of Shadows – Cassandra Clare

Kit had only recently found out what a flail was, and now there was a rack of them hanging over his head, shiny and sharp and deadly. He had never seen anything like the weapons room at the Los Angeles Institute before. The walls and floors were white-silver granite, and granite islands rose at intervals […]

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