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Labyrinth – Catherine Coulter

Sherlock had the next hour planned out to the minute. A quick stop at Clyde’s Market for mozzarella cheese for Dillon’s lasagna and some Cheerios for Sean’s breakfast tomorrow, then thirty minutes at the gym: Йfteen minutes on the treadmill and some quick upper-body work, that is if she managed to avoid Tim Maynard, a […]

The Sixth Day – Catherine Coulter, J.T. Ellison

The desert tent was sumptuous and meant to impress, but it was not wasteful. Spiked into the shifting sands, its billowing fabric roof dipped and swayed in the desert breeze. Inside the tent, a long table was centered on a wooden platform covered with a red-and-orange oriental rug. Five falcons with leather cords on their […]

The Last Second – Catherine Coulter, J.T. Ellison

There was a large mirror on the wall of the white room. Dr. Nevaeh Patel sat in a hard plastic chair, leads from a lie detector machine hooked to her left hand, a thick cord wound around her chest. She was the one who’d insisted on the lie detector. After the embarrassment of having her […]

The Devil’s Triangle – Catherine Coulter

The light was dying, and so was Da Vinci. Francesco Melzi stood in the window staring out at the gray spires of the Château Amboise. Saying goodbye to his friend, his mentor, his lover, was impossible. But there was no escaping the reality they were facing. Da Vinci had days left to live, and his […]

Paradox – Catherine Coulter

Wake up, wake up. Something’s not right . Sherlock’s eyes snapped open, adrenaline surging. But why? She didn’t move, listened. There—three beeps coming from the security monitor beside the bed. She’d never heard them before, but she knew what it meant: the security system was oА. The beeps would get louder and louder. Possibilities scurried […]

Nemesis – Catherine Coulter

The airport security line slowly inched forward, nearly sixty passengers stoically weaving back and forth in the ritual strip-dance everyone knew and put up with. At least Sherlock didn’t have her Glock with her, so she wouldn’t have to fill out a gazillion forms. Her meeting with the lead federal prosecutor in an upcoming murder […]

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