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That Knight by the Sea – Catherine Kean

“Keep your eyes closed.” Lady Adaline Mortimer giggled. “I am.” Cool sand shifted under her shoes, and the watery ripple of waves sounded close by as she hurried along the seashore, her hand entwined with Garrett Thurlow’s. Excitement rippled through her, spurred by the secret he intended to show her. How she wished she could […]

One Knight in the Forest – Catherine Kean

Put the dagger on the top of William’s belongings. That way, he will be sure to see it,” Lady Edwina Langston said from the doorway of the solar. Partway across the chamber and carrying the leather-sheathed knife, Lady Magdalen Suffield glanced at her dear friend, an auburn-haired beauty. “Of course.” Edwina smiled her thanks. No […]

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