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Rogues Always Wear Black – Catherine Mayfair

The times were dark and full of troubles as many men lost land, title, and wealth. Such times brought about the worst in men who were desperate and would do anything to keep from losing everything they owned. Corruption, theft, trickery, and other deeds once deemed repulsive were now commonplace; however, many in the ton […]

Rakes Always Kiss First – Catherine Mayfair

Mary Shepherd had been reared with the strictest of upbringings to prepare her for the day when she would wed. From proper introductions when meeting others to remaining quiet unless spoken to in the presence of gentleman, Mary knew all the rules of propriety. She knew when to curtsy and how low, depending to whom […]

Dukes Always Give Second Chances – Catherine Mayfair

Though the times were bleak, and many chose paths of darkness, Sally Matthews remained steadfast in her belief that all that was taking place around her would one day change. The abduction of women was on the rise, men were murdered for as little as a farthing, and highwaymen ran rampant. The world was a […]

Barons Always Win Wagers – Catherine Mayfair

Miss Emma Shepherd gazed down at her hero from her bedchamber window at Sweetspire Estates. Beside the man who had won her heart through his many wondrous deeds stood his sword, its point thrust into the ground. On his lips was the handsomest of smiles as he gazed upon her, eyes filled with love only […]

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