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Brenna’s Yuletide Song – Cathy MacRae

“We will not suit, Maman.” Brenna resisted the urge to stomp her foot—barely, heeding the steely glint in her mother’s eyes—and instead crossed her arms over her chest, defeating her maid’s dogged efforts to dress her. Alish sighed and dropped her hands, leaving the lacings in Brenna’s kirtle dangling. “I wouldn’t take that attitude with […]

The Saint – Cathy MacRae

THE SHRİLL SOUND of a woman’s voice intruded on his thoughts. The woman did not seem to be weeping—and for that he was eternally grateful—but she obviously was not getting her way. And it appeared until she was appeased, he, Lord Geoffrey de Wylde, newly made baron of Galewood, was not going to get his […]

The Prince’s Highland Bride – Cathy MacRae, D. D. MacRae

Phillipe of Antioch, the son of Bohemond IV, was a real person. Chosen to play a role in The Highlander’s Crusader Bride, he became more to us than an unfortunate victim of politics and court intrigue. At first glance, he was destined to meet his fate in the dungeons of Cis Castle. As we dug […]

The Highlander’s Welsh Bride – Cathy MacRae, D. D. MacRae

Birk MacLean stood at the window overlooking the Sound of Mull, rain misting the air, whorling in glistening patterns across the thick, leaded glass pane. He stared at the missive in his hands as emotions too powerful to identify seeped into his soul. All hands aboard the Mara Cu’ lost in a storm crossing the […]

The Highlander’s Reluctant Bride – Cathy MacRae

Riona jolted awake. She blinked, her eyes blearily registering the red glow pulsing across the stone wall of the laird’s bedroom. The banked hearth did little to dispel the gloom, the embers like so many pinpoints of burnished light. What shone through the window seemed much brighter. Her head shot up. Flashes of ochre and […]

The Cursed – Cathy MacRae

ISEABAL BEAMED AS Simon planted a kiss on her cheek. He yelped loudly as Ewan dashed across the floor and plowed into his legs. Ewan giggled with delight and Simon scooped him up, lifting him high and giving him a playful shake before setting him back on his feet. “Again, again!” Ewan chanted, raising up […]

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