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The Duke That I Marry – Cathy Maxwell

“You are trying my patience, Matthew,” the imperial voice said from his study door. “Have you forgotten you are to be in London for your wedding on the morrow?” In the thin light of an overcast morning, Matthew Addison, recently named Duke of Camberly, looked up from the desk where he had been poring over […]

The Bride Says No – Cathy Maxwell

Why are you leaving me?” Startled by both the question and the pain in her sister’s voice, Lady Aileen Davidson turned from her bedroom mirror, where she’d been striving to set her velvet-lined bonnet at just the right, jaunty angle. Her twelve-year-old sister, Tara, stood inside the door, her shoulders tense, her arms crossed tightly […]

If Ever I Should Love You – Cathy Maxwell

“Marry?” Roman Gilchrist, newly named tenth Earl of Rochdale, stared at his solicitor and godfather, Thaddeus Chalmers, as if the man had just suggested he cut off his own right arm. They were in Thaddeus’s office. Thaddeus, a mild-mannered man of Roman’s stepfather’s age, sat behind a huge mahogany desk. Roman had not yet taken […]

His Secret Mistress – Cathy Maxwell

He’d lost the damn commission. For a good twelve months, Mr. Brandon Balfour had labored on a proposed design for a bridge crossing the River Thames in London. After repeated requests for elaborate and complicated changes, the Surveyor-General had assured Bran his was the best proposal submitted. He’d all but promised Bran swift approval, and […]

A Match Made in Bed – Cathy Maxwell

Mayfield, the Country Estate of the Duke of Camberly May 12, 1813 Soren York, Lord Dewsberry, was determined to marry the Holwell Heiress. He needed her money. Desperately. The problem was, Miss Cassandra Holwell appeared equally tenacious in avoiding him. And he didn’t understand why. Soren stood in the short hall located between the dining […]

A Date at the Altar – Cathy Maxwell

Sarah Pettijohn had vowed she would never play the role of the Siren again . . . and yet here she was, tucked high above the stage behind the proscenium arch so that the audience could not see her, dressed in practically nothing, waiting her turn on stage. From her perch, she watched the teeming […]

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