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Highland Sins – Ceci Giltenan

Ragnall Munro was empty. His life had been perfect. During the nine years since he married Edwinna MacPherson, he had grown to love her dearly. Hell, it hadn’t taken nine years. He wasn’t sure it had taken nine days. Maybe not even nine hours. Edwinna was lovely and sweet and he had fallen for her […]

Highland Redemption – Ceci Giltenan

Ambrose Ruthven knelt by the bed, holding his wife’s hand. Moibeal had drawn her last breath earlier that morning, but he hadn’t been able to leave her. Somehow, to release her hand would be to let her go, and he wasn’t ready for that—he’d never be ready for that. They hadn’t had enough time. Seven […]

A Wee Highland Predicament – Ceci Giltenan

September 30, 1367 A day’s ride west of Edinburgh How in hell did I get myself into this? Lucas Grant wondered as he crouched in the dark, watching the lass tied to the tree and the six men who held her captive. What part of “there’s six of them and only one of ye” made […]

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