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The Dark Heart of the Sea – Celeste Barclay

Ruairí MacNeil opened the door to the Three Merry Lads and tried not to curl his nose in disgust. The overpowering odor of too many bodies, stale beers, and burned food created a cloud of stench inside the tavern. Ruairí scanned the crowd as he stepped inside and immediately noticed that many members of his […]

The Blond Devil of the Sea – Celeste Barclay

Caragh lifted her torch into the air as she made her way down the precarious Cornish cliffside. She made out the hulking shape of a ship, but the dead of night made it impossible to see who was there. She and the fishermen of Bedruthan Steps weren’t expecting any shipments that night. But her younger […]

Strian – Celeste Barclay

Strian looked over his shoulder at the woman rowing just two benches behind him. Other Norsemen surrounded her, but she appeared out of place and alone. Despite trying to remain focused on navigating his ship towards the fjord just beyond his home, Strian Eindrideson failed to overcome the temptation to look back at Gressa time […]

Lena & Ivar – Celeste Barclay

I var’s eyes swept across the battlefield as the hair on the back of his neck caused his sweat-covered skin to prickle. He took in the overcast skies—skies that did not match the scorching sun the Norse warriors had experienced during these last weeks in the Mediterranean. The darkened skies matched his current mood as […]

His Highland Surprise – Celeste Barclay

Tavish Sinclair stood frozen in the Great Hall of his clan’s keep as he listened to his father. “Ye canna be serious!” He realized his voice was quiet as he spoke to Laird Liam Sinclair, but in his head, it was a roar. “I dinna need a wife. I dinna want a wife.” Tavish’s body […]

An Enemy at the Highland Court – Celeste Barclay

A crack of thunder followed only moments later by a blaze of lightning made several ladies-in-waiting jump within the queen’s solar. The early autumn storm seemed to rattle one’s bones as much as it did the window embrasures. Cairren Kennedy glanced around Queen Elizabeth’s private salon and stifled her chuckle as the newest ladies-in-waiting trembled. […]

A Wallflower at the Highland Court – Celeste Barclay

The din of music and loud conversation–along with the pervasive odor of too many unwashed or over-perfumed bodies crowded into Stirling Castle’s Great Hall–gave Maude Sutherland a pounding headache. As she observed the dancers from her position at the side of the chamber, part of her envied the other ladies-in-waiting who twirled with ease and […]

A Spy at the Highland Court – Celeste Barclay

DEDRİC HAGE WATCHED as the English king continued his royal rage as courtiers and advisors eased away from their irate sovereign. His Majesty’s face was mottled with red splotches that only accentuated his fair complexion, and spittle formed at the corners of his mouth as his rant amplified. King Edward stalked about the chamber on […]

A Spinster at the Highland Court – Celeste Barclay

Elizabeth Fraser looked around the royal chapel within Stirling Castle. The ornate candlestick holders on the altar glistened and reflected the light from the ones in the wall sconces as the priest intoned the holy prayers of the Advent season. Elizabeth kept her head bowed as though in prayer, but her green eyes swept the […]

A Saint at the Highland Court – Celeste Barclay

Blair Sutherland swept her eyes over the throng of dancers who milled and twirled around Stirling Castle’s Great Hall. Blair immediately recognized Arabella Johnstone and Laurel Ross, the only two ladies-in-waiting who had been at court as long as she. Ever since Blair left her home on the northwest Highland coast, she had served as […]

A Rogue at the Highland Court – Celeste Barclay

The crunch of frost echoed in Stirling Castle’s royal gardens as Allyson Elliot trudged along with the other ladies-in-waiting, enduring another one of the queen’s morning strolls through the struggling blossoms. It was mid-March, and spring had arrived for their neighbors to the south, but Mother Nature seemed to have forgotten that Stirling wasn’t truly […]

A Rake at the Highland Court – Celeste Barclay

Eoin Gordon raised his chalice once more to toast his twin brother, Ewan, and his new sister-by-marriage, Allyson. As he did, he had a sense that someone was watching him. As the hairs on the back of his neck rose, Eoin passed a quick glance over the diners seated below the dais, but no one […]

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