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Papa’s Rules – Sue Lyndon, Celeste Jones

Miss Katrina Wickersham eyed him from across the desk. Her manners, dress and posture bespoke a privileged upbringing, yet somehow Lord Alexander Cavendish felt quite certain that Miss Wickersham rarely engaged in the gossip, intrigues and rivalries which were the preferred entertainments for women of her social set. Though they had spent less than forty […]

Papa’s Joy – Sue Lyndon, Celeste Jones

Do you think she’ll be happy?” Daisy whispered to Rosie as both girls stared at their friend, Cynny, who was standing at the mirror in their bedchamber as she adjusted her wedding veil. Today was Cynny’s wedding day and her betrothed, Lord Kensington, would arrive at Talcott House at any moment. “Heavens, she’s never met […]

Papa’s Captive – Sue Lyndon, Celeste Jones

Lord William Caldwell, the sixth Earl of Bridgeport, leaned against the fence surrounding the track at Hampstead Racecourse, his fist raised and mouth open as he exhorted the horse upon which he had wagered—Papa’s Girl—as the mare rushed toward the finish line. Exhilaration pumped through his veins. William preferred speed over slowness, change over staying […]

Lessons for His Bride – Celeste Jones

SERAPHİNA MOON STOOD upon the cold hard floor of Mrs. Hartpence’s private drawing room, a bar of soap clenched between her teeth. “You are the most ungrateful, unappreciative, unwanted and unrepentant wretch I have ever encountered. After all I have done for you, you still cannot be bothered to maintain a civil tongue for even […]

His Errant Ward – Celeste Jones

“I will not do it and you cannot make me.” Lady Natalia Waltham’s dark eyes flashed and her delicate hands fisted on her hips as she turned upon Mr. Zander Thwaite, her guardian and most frequent debate opponent. “Ah, but I can and will. Your father entrusted me with your care and upbringing—though what I […]

His Bargained for Bride – Celeste Jones

T he woman on the other side of the counter glared at me, her lips pressed into a firm line, however I was equally resolute. I had learned my lesson well, and often the hard way. No more would I allow others to dictate the terms of my existence, whether it was my choice of […]

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