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Of Thorn and Thread – Chanda Hahn

What’s that smell?” Harken asked, wrinkling his nose. “Relax. It’s just mold, mildew, and”—Velora closed her eyes and inhaled, breathing out the last word, savoring it—“magic.” “Magic has a smell?” Harken scratched his scruffy chin as he followed the others down the stone steps. The green mage light barely illuminated the eerie passageway. “Old magic […]

Of Sea and Song – Chanda Hahn

I fought desperately, plunging my enemy into the water. Thrusting back and forth with a vengeance. Sweat beaded across my brow, and I swore under my breath. I knew it was a losing battle. The sun beat down on my arms as I struggled against the strain, and my breathing turned ragged. I was losing […]

Of Beast and Beauty – Chanda Hahn

Everyone dreams of marrying a prince—except for me. I am nothing more than a pawn for my mother’s revenge on the seven kingdoms. For she was betrayed by those close to her, scorned by her true love and cast aside like garbage. In return, she raised her adoptive daughters to be as beautiful as diamonds, […]

Lost Girl – Chanda Hahn

I t never happened. It was just a dream. The young girl ran her chilled fingers over the goose bumps on her arms and rocked back and forth in the dark oak chair, chanting the mantra over and over again in her head. It never happened. Trying to make herself believe the hollow words. It […]

Lost Boy – Chanda Hahn

Hook sniffed the contents of his glass, wrinkling his nose in distaste before pushing the offending drink across his desk. Whiskey wouldn’t help him keep his mind clear. He needed more time. Without Dr. Barrie, the PX-2 trial was a bust. Years ago, it had seemed like all was lost and Neverland might be shut […]

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